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IT-Unterricht in Estland - Programmieren schon in der Grundschule
Vier Firmen mit einem Wert von über einer Milliarde US-Dollar hat Estland schon hervorgebracht, sogenannte Web Unicorns. Ein wichtiger Baustein dieses Erfolgs: das Bildungssystem. Estland hat früher als andere europäische Länder auf IT-Unterricht gesetzt – und das beginnt schon in der Grundschule.
estonia  digitalebildung  digitalpakt  grundschule  programmieren 
2 days ago by Cervus
E-Estonia manga-style comic book with Old Town silhouette by
Japan  Estonia  manga  nicetoemeetu  from twitter
5 days ago by alvar
Racism, sexism, Nazi economics: Estonia's far right in power | World news | The Guardian
Until recently seen as a model nation, Estonia’s politics are turning darker
estonia  politics  far-right 
5 days ago by raphman
Estonia: How boom-time Baltic republic embraced far right - BBC News
After a divisive election that saw far-right party EKRE surge, Estonia is figuring out what's next.
estonia  politics  far-right 
5 days ago by raphman
Online dictionary
Great resource for translating Estonian to English
translation  language  dictionary  Estonian  Estonia 
6 days ago by Mumra2k
What is e-Residency | How to Start an EU Company Online
What is e-Residency

E-Residency enables digital entrepreneurs to start and manage an EU-based company online
Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity and status that provides access to Estonia’s transparent digital business environment
E-Residency allows digital entrepreneurs to manage business from anywhere, entirely online
estonia  e-residency 
28 days ago by euler
Wild weekend: Kayaking around Estonia’s Pakri islands | Travel | The Guardian
These almost uninhabited islands near Tallinn are full of wildlife – and also plenty of reminders of Estonia’s cold war history
estonia  travel  kayak 
4 weeks ago by ivar
ICDS – International Centre for Defence and Security
Aims to advance the transatlantic community’s strategic thinking on the security challenges facing the Baltic-Nordic region, from armed or cyber attacks to threats against social cohesion and energy security.
estonia  research  defence  policy  thinktank 
5 weeks ago by mjlassila

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