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On Engineers and Influence –
(Based on yesterday's tweetstorm and the ensuing conversation, Let's talk about influence. As an engineer, how do you get influence? What does influence look like, what is it rooted in, how do you wield it or lose it? How is it different from the power and influence you might have as a manager?[0] This often…
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19 hours ago by adragomir
5 thoughts on self-help from Austin Kleon
"One of the worst things that self-help can do is convince you that you as an individual are to blame for all of your problems, and that if you’re struggling it’s just because you aren’t making the right moves."
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20 hours ago by robknight
Martin Amis, Style Supremacist | The New Yorker
is Martin Amis good or a dipshit? For all of my reading life I'm yet to be able to resolve this question. More information required. [edit: I am increasingly convinced that Martin Amis is a knight of the latter court.]
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yesterday by resub
Köche brauchen keine Kochbücher | NZZ
Kochrezepte sind Anleitungen zum guten oder richtigen Kochen. Das war vielleicht einmal. Heute stiften sie Identitäten, auch erfundene.
Kochbuch  News  Kochen  Essay 
2 days ago by Einfach_Essen
Hood Cyberpunk | Unwinnable
"Someone who has actually suffered deprivation, who has experienced oppression under existing social systems, might want to see a model of cyberpunk that does incorporate political struggle and organized mass movements. They might not want the same unfair government systems that currently dominate their every waking moment to be depicted as untouchable status quo monoliths in the books they read, the movies they watch or the games they play. A fictional future built from Hood Cyberpunk tenets might hopefully provide energy with which to confront and even challenge the oppressive reality that we’re currently used to, that we expect to go on forever, unchanged."
cyberpunk  essay 
10 days ago by mechazoidal
A Sunbeam in the Concrete Jungle
me a new icon of Sydney’s harbour, one, like so many in Australia, imbued with a rich, raw history of conflict and discord.

Here, then, is an example of why some buildings of our recent past need to be kept, as markers of time. What someone sees as ugly one day is often appreciated the next, for a variety of reasons, just as it now seems unthinkable that people once howled for the removal of the Eiffel Tower. Brutalism is finding a new and enthusiastic audience and that has much to do with the dramatic shape of the buildings themselves. They evoke something almost handmade, at a time when contemporary architecture uses computers to create buildings with fanciful lines that sometimes feel as though that’s the only trick up their sleeve. Doubtless, though, there is an adolescent somewhere who will see a Frank Gehry building for the first time and be awed at the possibility of a differently shaped world. We need buildings from every era to understand the history of our world, and to be able to walk among great examples of each is certainly one of the privileges of life. It has nothing to do with what is judged to be the most attractive.

As children we are smitten by the fantasy castles in fairytales and old legends. In adulthood we seek out the magical places of the world, whether it’s the Renaissance glories of Florence, the shining spikes of commercial Shanghai or the gentle temple complexes of Asia that hum with humanity. There is a worldwide desire to see something inspiring and extraordinary. That’s why, with the distance of time, we’re beginning to see these twentieth-century concrete buildings in a new light, too. If that’s difficult to understand then perhaps if you squint and if the light is right, you’ll discover that in some cases even car parks can look like castles.
11 days ago by ineptshieldmaid
Washington Monthly | The Socialist Network
Are today’s young, Bernie-inspired leftist intellectuals really just New Deal liberals?
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12 days ago by kmt

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