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What’s Happening to ‘Queer’ Cinema?
Todd Haynes: “People define gay cinema solely by content: if there are gay characters in it, it’s a gay film,” he said in an interview in the spring 1993 issue of Film Quarterly. “Heterosexuality to me is a structure as much as it is a content. It is an imposed structure that goes along with the patriarchal, dominant structure that constrains and defines society. If homosexuality is the opposite or the counter-sexual activity to that,” he asked, “then what kind of a structure would it be?”
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Beyond antidepressants | Overland literary journal
For a number of doctors and drug enthusiasts, the answer would be a resounding yes. Modern antidepressants have become some of the most popular and profitable drugs in history, and Australia has a particular fondness for these medicines: we take antidepressants at the second-highest rate in the world. A recent study published in The Lancet has confirmed that antidepressants are more effective at treating major depression than a placebo. The study’s authors responded to these results by arguing that we must get on with the job of prescribing more antidepressants to help reduce what the World Health Organization now describes as the single largest contributor to global disability.

The proof that antidepressants work – although they do not work for everyone, and have a number of possible side effects that range from moderate to severe – is not a surprise to me. I am one of the nearly ten per cent of Australians taking them, and I have experienced their benefits first hand.

Yet to end the discussion there – antidepressants work, let’s pop some more pills – would be a grave mistake. If we wish to properly treat and fully understand depression (and its closely related cousin, anxiety) in contemporary society, we cannot ignore the social and existential dimensions of these all too common ailments.
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When Jewish Americans uphold occupation, it corrodes our souls | Mariyama Scott | Opinion | The Guardian
As the Jewish-American center has focused more intensely on supporting Israel, it has grown clear to me that when Jewish people become instruments of and supporters of oppression, that corrodes our soul. The dehumanization that is required to believe that the occupation is justified is eating at our morals. The hatred I heard in the voice of the man who told us how protesters, journalists, and children were terrorists was so strong I recoiled. I cry for those killed in Gaza, and for this man and his young daughter, and for everyone who believes that violence is the path to peace.

Depriving people of basic human rights, demolishing their homes, and indiscriminately killing them, cannot, has not, and will not keep us safe. There can be no peace in the absence of justice. Our Jewish tradition teaches us that life is sacred; it is long past time to reject dehumanization and embrace the call for freedom and dignity for all. The future of both Jews and Palestinians depends on it. In the words of Jewish American poet Emma Lazarus: “Until we are all free, we are none of us free.”
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Excellent essay arguing against the lazy appeals to intuition many philosophers have taken in arguing for the existence of epiphenomenal qualia. This paper is a part of the discussion that began with Frank Jackson's thought experiment posed in "Epiphenomenal Qualia", which aims to show that complete physical knowledge of a phenomenon (color in this case) fails to completely describe the phenomenon. "She'll be surprised dammit!"
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Reconciling the Nakba | Seventy years of the Nakba | Na'ama Carlin | Overland literary journal
‘They don’t understand what it was like then,’ my ex-boyfriend said, ‘we had to protect ourselves, they twist these stories around so much because they’re anti-Semitic, hate seeing that we’re safe, that we’re still here.’

This was all I needed to hear. For years, I put everything I was told that night out of my mind.

When I finally realised that there was something wrong with the story I grew up with – the myth of nationalism, freedom and pride – the room came crashing down around me again.

Only this time, I had the tools to rebuild. Away from Israel, the Separation Wall out of sight, I met Palestinians for the first time in my life, and we spoke, laughed and got along.

I don’t remember the second time I heard about the Nakba. There is no moment in time that I can bring to mind. But now I know of it. The trauma of hearing about it for the first time subsided, and it gave room to pain and obligation.

The Palestinian story of 1948 is an untold history in Israel. By erasing the Palestinian narrative, we have rewritten history to suit our needs – this is not unique to Israel, but a facet of every colonising state.
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