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The extraordinary untold Japan story of 'You Only Live Twice' | The Japan Times
On Richard Hughes, who was a Sherlock Holmes fanboy and foreign correspondent/spy in Japan after WW2. Run by Ian Fleming himself, Hughes was used as a model for the book and gave Fleming a tour where most of the sights were used in the book.
history  espionage  japan  writing 
7 days ago by mechazoidal
Obama's Crackdown on Whistleblowers | The Nation
In the annals of national security, the Obama administration will long be remembered for its unprecedented crackdown on whistleblowers. Since 2009, it has employed the World War I–era Espionage Act a record six times to prosecute government officials suspected of leaking classified information. The latest example is John Kiriakou, a former CIA officer serving a thirty-month term in federal prison for publicly identifying an intelligence operative involved in torture. It’s a pattern: the whistleblowers are punished, sometimes severely, while the perpetrators of the crimes they expose remain free. 
americana  politics  diplomacy  espionage  hipocrisy  security 
9 days ago by kmt
Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers
Diplomats and their families recounted high-pitched sounds in homes and hotel rooms at times intense enough to incapacitate. Long-term, the symptoms included nausea, crushing headaches, fatigue, dizziness, sleep problems and hearing loss.

In Albuquerque, N.M., Air Force scientists sought to beam comprehensible speech into the heads of adversaries. Their novel approach won a patent in 2002, and an update in 2003. Both were assigned to the Air Force secretary, helping limit the idea’s dissemination.

The lead inventor said the research team had “experimentally demonstrated” that the “signal is intelligible.” As for the invention’s uses, an Air Force disclosure form listed the first application as “Psychological Warfare.”

The Navy sought to paralyze. The Frey effect was to induce sounds powerful enough to cause painful discomfort and, if needed, leave targets unable to move. The weapon, the Navy noted, would have a “low probability of fatalities or permanent injuries.”
espionage  war  usa 
14 days ago by campylobacter
From Mountain of CCTV Footage, Pay Dirt: 2 Russians Are Named in Spy Poisoning - The New York Times
And then there is that team of genetically gifted humans known as “super-recognizers.”
security  spycraft  russia  espionage  weird 
15 days ago by craniac
Israeli minister: no knowledge of Trump ordering Assad killed
The United States' top spy catcher said Chinese espionage agencies are using fake LinkedIn accounts to try to recruit Americans with access to government and commercial secrets, and the company should shut them down.
linkedin  espionage  spying  recruiting  tool  china  usa  technology  news 
16 days ago by xer0x
TSMC ex-employee charged with trade secrets theft • Digitimes
Jessie Shen:
<p>A Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) employee has been charged with stealing secrets from the pure-play foundry.

Surnamed Chou, the former TSMC deputy manager of technology stands accused of copying confidential documents regarding the foundry's 16nm and 10nm node processes and related facilities, and trying to take the data with him to a new job in China, according to Taiwan's Hsinchu District Prosecutors' Office.

Chou had resigned from TSMC, ready to join Shanghai Huali Microelectronics (HLMC) when he was arrested, the office said. Chou has now been indicted for breach of trust.</p>
tsmc  espionage 
18 days ago by charlesarthur
Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers
During the Cold War, Washington feared that Moscow was seeking to turn microwave radiation into covert weapons of mind control.More recently, the American military itself sought to develop microwave arms that could invisibly beam painfully loud booms and even spoken words into people’s heads. The aims were to disable attackers and wage psychological warfare.Now, doctors and scientists say such unconventional weapons may have caused the baffling symptoms and ailments that, starting in late 2016, hit more than three dozen American diplomats and family members in Cuba and China...the diplomats and doctors jokingly refer to the trauma as the immaculate concussion. The Cuban incidents resulted in a diplomatic rupture between Havana and Washington...a growing number of analysts cite an eerie phenomenon known as the Frey effect, named after Allan H. Frey, an American scientist. Long ago, he found that microwaves can trick the brain into perceiving what seem to be ordinary sounds.
NYTimes  espionage  US  Cuba  China  medical 
19 days ago by thomas.kochi
Election-Hacking Lessons from the 2018 Def Con Hackers Conference | The New Yorker
Sue Halpern on the 2018 Def Con hackers conference, where hackers were invited to try to infiltrate several types of widely used vote-counting machines.

(tag really should read “Advice”)
politics  2018  technology  espionage  advice  security 
29 days ago by philjr
"الشايب" من المكتب الأمني لـ"فجر الأمّة" إلى قائد مجموعة لدى "الفرقة الرابعة" - صوت العاصمة - نبض دمشق
ووفقاً لمصادر “صوت العاصمة” فإن وجود الشايب حالياً لدى الفرقة الرابعة، يأتي بعد تنسيق طويل منذ سنوات، على تسريب معلومات للنظام وتسهيل الهُدن وخروج الفصائل نحو الشمال السوري .
Mar15  Damascus  espionage  defectors 
4 weeks ago by elizrael
Brussels, city of spies
Not really news to some of us. @KristofClerix has been writing about it for years.
belgium  espionage 
4 weeks ago by nwlinks
Inside the Poisoning of a Russian Double Agent | GQ
Doctors at Salisbury District Hospital guessed that this was opioids, that the Skripals had overdosed. They were taken to the intensive-care ward and put on breathing support. Shortly before sunrise on March 5, doctors received new information from London: that Sergei Skripal was not just any patient; he was an old, blown spy. Police arrived at the hospital to watch over the critical pair.
crime  espionage  russia  spycraft  sad 
4 weeks ago by craniac

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