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WiFi LED Light Strip Controller: 7 Steps (with Pictures)
WiFi LED Light Strip Controller: I started making backlit signs with LED light strips, and I was needing quite a few WiFi controllers for each project. For a single project, it could cost me hundreds of dollars just to buy WiFi controllers, so I decided to make my own.If you foll...
wifi  led  light  strip  ESP8266 
2 days ago by arnoldn
IBM PC-XT Emulator on an ESP8266 -
This is a PC-XT Emulator running on a standalone Wemos D1 Mini with disk and 80x25 CGA NTSC video output. Find this and other hardware projects on
emulation  ibm.pc  ibm.xt  emulators  hardware  esp8266 
3 days ago by po
EPaperBoard - Kevin Darrah Wiki
The TrigBoard is all about low power, but typically displays are not, so if you need a display project to run off batteries, electronic paper is a perfect fit.
epaper  esp8266  embedded  display 
6 days ago by cyberchucktx
TrigBoard: arduino-based button detection project
The trigBoard is an IoT project that does one thing - it pushes you a notification triggered by a digital input. Well, it's much more than that, but this is the inspiration. I wanted to design a WiFi board that essentially sleeps most of its life, but when that door switch, flood sensor, motion sensor, etc.. gets triggered, I just want a notification immediately on my phone. And that's about it (by Kevin Darrah)
button  esp8266  embedded  hackaday  lowpower  makernurse  medical 
6 days ago by cyberchucktx
Low-energy ESP8266-based Board Sleeps Like a Log Until Triggered | Hackaday
The trigBoard is a battery-powered, ESP8266-based board that includes some clever circuitry to help it barely sip power (less than one microamp!) while waiting to be triggered by a digital input. This input could be a magnetic reed switch, push button, or similar, and you can configure the board for either normally open or normally closed switches.
hacakday  esp8266  arduino  button  sleep  lowpower 
6 days ago by cyberchucktx

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