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Low Power Weather Station Datalogger using ESP8266 | Random Nerd Tutorials
This project shows how to build a data logger that publishes temperature, humidity and pressure readings every 10 minutes to a Google Sheets spreadsheet using an ESP8266 12-E. Between sensor readings the ESP is in deep sleep mode and only consumes 7μA. The ESP board is programmed using MicroPython and we use the IFTTT Webhooks service to integrate the project with Google sheets.
randomnerd  tutorial  sleep  esp8266  wifi  wireless  ifttt 
3 days ago by cyberchucktx
ESP8266 AC Controller Shows Whats Possible | Hackaday
Tantastic ESP8266 air conditioner controller created by [Sitinut Waisara] (Google Translate).
hackaday  homeautomation  esp8266  wifi  wireless  ac 
5 days ago by cyberchucktx
RT : Hace poco me he encontrado un dispositivo que alimenta un desde 220Vac sin transformador, reduciendo mucho…
esp8266  from twitter_favs
6 days ago by oriolrius
Underclocking the ESP8266 Leads To WiFi Weirdness | Hackaday
So what can you do with this? The most obvious application is a “stealth” WiFi connection between ESP8266s which wouldn’t show up to normal devices, a communications channel invisible to all but the most astute eavesdropper. [CNLohr] has made all the source code to pull this trick off public on GitHub, and it should be interesting to see what kind of applications (if any) hackers find for this standards-breaking behavior.
esp8266  wifi  hacks 
7 days ago by ssorc
Wifi based DIY 5V switcher for led-lights
5V powered 100LED circuit was consuming around ~1.8Watts(though 5.1Ohm series resistor was really hot) and the brightness of the LED's were not bad, especially difference between first led and last led brightness didnt bother me it was hardly noticeable when seen from distance. So I decided to use them as a christmas decoration for my garden.

I wanted to use them with battery-bank as there was no power-outlet readily available(for the safety of my children, i would avoid any 230v circuit in my garden especially in wet weather).
Also I wanted them to be switchable remotely to avoid going out in the freezing cold. Hence this is what i came up with.. an "ESP-12F based USB-5V switcher"
switch  hackaday  wifi  esp8266  arduino  led  wireless 
8 days ago by cyberchucktx
How we tracked and analyzed over 200,000 people’s footsteps at MIT
Avery suggested a device to monitor WiFi probe requests, similar to how some malls do. After some initial research and persuasion towards our instructors, we decided to commit and began researching the idea.
WLAN  Tracking  Privatsphäre  Datenschutz  ESP8266 
8 days ago by amenthes

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