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ESP8266 Multisensor Shield with Node-RED | Random Nerd Tutorials
In this project you’ll discover how integrate the ESP8266 Multisensor Shield for the Wemos D1 Mini board with Node-RED. The ESP8266 Multisensor Shield will establish an MQTT connection with a Raspberry Pi running Node-RED and Mosquitto MQTT broker.
randomnerd  tutorial  esp8266  wireless  sensor  node-red  mqtt 
2 days ago by cyberchucktx
MQTT Essentials Part 1: Introducing MQTT
Welcome to MQTT Essentials: A ten-part blog series on the core features and concepts of the MQTT protocol. This post outlines what we plan to cover in the blog, gives you a quick introduction to MQTT, and provides some interesting background material on the protocol.
mq  mqtt  embedded  arduino  Raspberry  pi  esp8266 
2 days ago by suhlig
Practical IoT Cryptography on the Espressif ESP8266 | Hackaday
The Espressif ESP8266 chipset makes three-dollar ‘Internet of Things’ development boards an economic reality. According to the popular automatic firmware-building site nodeMCU-builds, in the last 60 days there have been 13,341 custom firmware builds for that platform. Of those, only 19% have SSL support, and 10% include the cryptography module.

We’re often critical of the lack of security in the IoT sector, and frequently cover botnets and other attacks, but will we hold our projects to the same standards we demand? Will we stop at identifying the problem, or can we be part of the solution?

This article will focus on applying AES encryption and hash authorization functions to the MQTT protocol using the popular ESP8266 chip running NodeMCU firmware. Our purpose is not to provide a copy/paste panacea, but to go through the process step by step, identifying challenges and solutions along the way. The result is a system that’s end-to-end encrypted and authenticated, preventing eavesdropping along the way, and spoofing of valid data, without relying on SSL.

We’re aware that there are also more powerful platforms that can easily support SSL (e.g. Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, FriendlyARM), but let’s start with the cheapest hardware most of us have lying around, and a protocol suitable for many of our projects. AES is something you could implement on an AVR if you needed to.
encryption  hardware  security  IoT  ESP8266  MQTT  tutorial 
4 days ago by bouvin
Mini Wifi 3D Print Monitor - OctoPrint - Chris's Basement - YouTube
We build this really cool little print monitor that is USB powered and wifi. It monitors OctoPrint print job status. Thanks to David Pain for the instructable on how to build this!
youtube  octoprint  monitor  esp8266  wifi  3dprinting 
9 days ago by cyberchucktx

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