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Simplify ns declaration by pesterhazy · Pull Request #14 · pesterhazy/cljs-spa-example
Use the :refer and :rename options in the ns declaration to simplify using ES6 default exports
es6  cljs 
3 days ago by ghiden
Level up your .filter game | CSS-Tricks
excellent es6 filter tutorial, builds up step by step
javascript  es6  es6filters 
6 days ago by ElliotPsyIT
A Simple Guide to ES6 Promises
Promises are one of the most exciting additions to JavaScript ES6. For supporting asynchronous programming, JavaScript uses callbacks, among other things. However, callbacks suffer from problems like Callback Hell/Pyramid of Doom. Promises are a pattern that greatly simplifies asynchronous programming by making the code look synchronous and avoid problems associated with callbacks.
javascript  promises  async  callbacks  es6 
19 days ago by spaceninja

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