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Q&A on the Book Evidence-Based Management
The most important issue in organizational data quality is whether you have the data you need to test whether your beliefs about the organization are really true. So if I believe my organization has a reliable backoffice in terms of transactions, do I have the data that show how many errors are made a day or a month for a given volume of transactions.? Counts tell us almost nothing; we need rates, like errors/daily volume. If I am relying on my impressions, I am talking to myself.
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2 days ago by cote
ztrue/tracerr: Golang errors with stack trace and source fragments.
Golang errors with stack trace and source fragments. - ztrue/tracerr
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5 days ago by endorama
The 9 Most Common Database Design Errors
Reading this article might save you many hours spent fixing design and code problems, so let’s dive in. I’ve split the list of errors into two main groups: those that are non-technical in nature and those that are strictly technical. Both these groups are an important part of database design.
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10 days ago by jaumeb
Angular applications —error handling and elegant recovery
When we started to design our enterprise client, we asked our UX designer to give us some design tips on how to handle errors from the back-end server in the application. Should it be a pop up, a…
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12 days ago by ciaranmccormick
Provide API to pass TLS / Certificate issues to C# code · Issue #16480 · grpc/grpc
What version of gRPC and what language are you using? gRPC version 1.14.1 C# on .NET 4.7.1 on Windows, C# on Mono on CentOS 7 What operating system (Linux, Windows, …) and version? Windows & Linux (CentOS) What runtime / compi...
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13 days ago by clehene
Uses STAMP (System-Theoretic Accident Model & Processes) by Nancy Leveson to analyze a particular malicious attack in the NPM ecosystem. Goes step-by-step in tracing down the errors.

“Who did this” is the wrong question. “How did this happen” is the wrong question. A better question is “why was this possible in the first place?”

An accident isn’t something that just happens. Accidents aren’t isolated failures. Accidents aren’t human error. Accidents aren’t simple. Accidents are complicated. Accidents are symptomatic of much deeper, more insidious problems across the entire system.

Systems thinking

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15 days ago by drmeme

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