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WPML SSL Fatal Error - WPML
Problem: When I enable WPML I get this error: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method stdClass::is_enabled()

Solution: There is a corrupt record in the database. To solve the issue, try by manually changing the value for the wpml_language_switcher option in the wp-options table to be the same as a new WPML installation.
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yesterday by traggett
Precarity Lab – We are a research collective working on the various forms of insecurity, vulnerability, and social and cultural exclusion that digital platforms produce and mediate.
Precarity Lab brings together an intergenerational network of scholars and activists at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor to interrogate how digital cultures produce, reproduce and intervene in precarity. We are interested in the contradictions of a digital world in the making that perpetuates uneven access to work, education, and social capital even as it promises new possibilities for resistance and counterculture.

While digital technologies have consolidated the wealth and influence of a small number of players in the global north, they have produced increasingly insecure conditions of work and life for racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities, women, indigenous people, migrants, and people living in the global south.

We seek new genres and platforms for collaborative research, writing, and publishing about the relationship between digital technologies and emergent forms of precarity and power, from the governance of life through algorithms and biotechnologies to the commodification of users’ bodies and the data they produce, from the placement of Palestinian Internet cables to the manufacture of electronics by Navajo women, from the production and deployment of drones on the U.S. Mexico border to maker-manufacturing cultures in urban China.

We explore what a critical study of digital culture might look like that centers transnational, feminist, queer, critical race, and postcolonial modes of inquiry.
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yesterday by shannon_mattern
bitlbee-steam/README at master · bitlbee/bitlbee-steam · GitHub
to fix auth error:
account steam off
account steam set -del token
account steam on
Computers  steam  bitlbee  relay  auth  error  fix  irc  Linux 
3 days ago by themanjay
如何优雅处理前端异常? - 知乎
摘要: 异常处理从入门到精通!原文:如何优雅处理前端异常?作者:JarttoFundebug经授权转载,版权归原作者所有。前端一直是距离用户最近的一层,随着产品的日益完善,我们会更加注重用户体验,而前端异常却如鲠…
12 days ago by ianva

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