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Bisphenol: what to know about the chemicals in water bottles and cans | US news | The Guardian
Another #health #hazard #plastic chemical linked to cancer, reproductive problems, and #child behavior abnormalities (avoid plastic and processed foods/beverages)
Toxic  chemical  plastic  furniture  water  bottle  infant  children  cup  study  environment  Q2  2019  EPA  can  beverage  baby  reproduction  estrogen 
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A trail of toxicity: the US military bases making people sick | US news | The Guardian
Must-read for your family’s health: How perfluorinated compounds (#PFCs) and polyfluoroalkyl substances (#PFAS) have leached into water systems by military bases, airports & industrial sites
usa  airforce  colorado  perfluorinated  PFC  polyfluoroalkyl  PFAS  fire  foam  house  product  carpet  furniture  cookware  nonstick  cancer  kidney  cholesterol  water  well  system  lawsuit  washington  EPA  military  base  airport  aquifer 
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Environmental Justice data mapper
EPA  EJ  census 
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Ways to Get RSEI Results | Risk-Screening Environmental Indicators (RSEI) Model | US EPA
RSEI CSV files.This is the same facility-level data as in RSEI Queries, but the format is a series of comma delimited (CSV) files. The RSEI data dictionary describes each table and field, and contains links to download each table in CSV and Microsoft Excel formats. RSEI CSV files are also available on the RSEI ftp site.EXIT

RSEI crosswalks and shapefiles. RSEI crosswalks allow you to transpose data from the RSEI grid to Census blocks, and shapefiles provide grid geometry for mapping microdata. Both sets of files are available on the RSEI ftp site.
divya  rsei  csv  files  data  dicionary  datasets  epa  air 
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U.S. EPA Honors Two 2019 ENERGY STAR Partners of the Year in New Hampshire | U.S. EPA News Releases | US EPA
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) New England regional office and the U.S. Department of Energy are honoring two New Hampshire organizations as ENERGY STAR partners for their outstanding contributions to public health and the environment. These enterprises have earned ENERGY STAR Awards for demonstrating national leadership in cost-saving energy efficient solutions. They are among the 183 ENERGY STAR Award Winners nationwide that will be honored in Washington, D.C., on April 11.
epa  pressrelease  energyefficiency  award 
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Elektronische Patientenakte: Microsoft stellt Online-Dienst HealthVault ein
Microsoft stellt seine vom Patienten geführte Gesundheitsakte HealthVault im November ein. Gründe nennt das Unternehmen nicht, die Daten werden gelöscht.
health  care  digital  microsoft  online  news  heise  privacy  ePA 
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Using to melt river ice is a really bad idea. When will and state regulators stop allowing utilities…
EPA  coalash  from twitter_favs
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