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The Lucas Plan: a Documentary | P2P Foundation
A film about a 1970s workers plan - to switch from arms manufacture to socially useful production
documentary  inspiration  invention  progress  society  environment  crowdfunding 
yesterday by orlin
The Plantower PMS5003 and PMS7003 Air Quality Sensor experiment
The PMS 7003 and PMS 5003 sensors are the 7th resp 5th generation of the PMSx003 series developed by Plantower
sensor  air  quality  environment  dust  particle  pm2.5 
2 days ago by gohai
The Effort to Bring Sail Freight Back to New York’s Hudson River
The Hudson at the Tappan Zee , Francis Silva, 1876. Brooklyn Museum/Public Domain At any given moment, more than 20 million shipping containers full of raw…
ship  boat  technology  carbonfootprint  environment  19c  nyc  nys  from instapaper
2 days ago by StJohnBosco
Passive House LA
An Environmentally Responsible Zero Energy Building by PARAVANT Architects
Environment  Architecture 
3 days ago by scottgruber

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