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is a huge opportunity to deliver & benefits…
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3 days ago by stateless
kubelet: Make service environment variables optional by bradhoekstra · Pull Request #68754 · kubernetes/kubernetes
Services should be accessed by DNS, not by environment variables which are associated with the deprecated --link option in Docker. In this change, those variables can be optionally disabled by setting enableServiceLinks in the PodSpec to false.
kubernetes  environment  variables  env  dns  service-discovery 
11 days ago by hellsten
I_KNOW_I_AM_USING_AN_OLD_AND_BUGGY_VERSION_OF_LIBXML2 · Issue #69 · sparklemotion/nokogiri
Sorry to have to bring this up but I've spent the past couple of days trying to work this out for myself and wondered if there was an answer somewhere. I'm on Mac OS 10.5.7 and previously used the default libxml2 installed with Leopard. ...
nokogiri  limbxml2  warning  env  xml  xslt 
15 days ago by andrewcox
Why you should use CSS env()
Having difficulty keeping shared CSS and JavaScript values updated and in sync? Are you faced with seemingly random bugs when updating shared values? In this article you’ll find out how you can use the upcoming CSS env() feature and a PostCSS plugin to share the same variables between CSS and JS, AND store them in a single file.
fridayfrontend  css  env  variables  javascript  environment  customproperties 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
Why you should use CSS env()
Having difficulty keeping shared CSS and JavaScript values updated and in sync? Are you faced with seemingly random bugs when updating shared values? Enter, CSS env().
css  env  weekly.rc 
5 weeks ago by studiomohawk
tradesy-containers/Troubleshooting.md at master · RecycledMedia/tradesy-containers
Local environment provisioning files. Contribute to RecycledMedia/tradesy-containers development by creating an account on GitHub.
tradesy  local  env  dev  troubleshooting  problem  solutions 
6 weeks ago by lgtout

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