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Mario Tomic - As an entrepreneur, I'm bombarded continuously about...
As an entrepreneur, I'm bombarded continuously about all the things I need to do to be successful.

The courses I need to get, the platforms I need to use, the funnels I need to build, all the books I need to read, the chatbots and random tools I need to use...

Now when I look back at my journey...

And when I see how we manage to deliver great results for our clients... how we manage to improve year after year, and how I grew this brand from scratch, what made most of the difference are all the things I STOPPED doing.

Here are a few examples of things I had to stop doing:
- Drinking alcohol
- Spending hours gaming
- Going out to nightclubs and partying
- Following politics, sports, or any kind of news
- Watching TV / Shows (except Marvel)
- Most invitations to dinners, lunches, events, trips, calls, and meetups
- Complaining about absolutely anything

So... how did I decide to remove these things from my life and to start saying No? Simple.

It came down to asking myself what I care more about.

Do I care more about alcohol, video games, parties, politics, sports, news, shows, random meetups, and complaining....or do I care more about living my life's purpose and doing something meaningful with the time I have here?
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3 days ago by lwhlihu
dakshshah96/awesome-startup-credits: ✨ A collection of awesome companies offering free/discounted plans for eligible startups
✨ A collection of awesome companies offering free/discounted plans for eligible startups - dakshshah96/awesome-startup-credits
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4 days ago by madscene
Jonathan Sposato | LinkedIn
Ade knows him. Acqui-hired by Google twice (at least

"Chairman of Geekwire.com, CEO of PicMonkey, and an active angel investor.

A serial entrepreneur and investor in many startups, Jonathan is currently the Chairman of Geekwire.com, the region's top technology news site, and CEO of PicMonkey the world's most popular and fun photo-editor. He also has the distinct honor of being the first person to sell 2 companies to Google.

As the CEO of Picnik, Jonathan created a category-defining (1st search result for “photo editor”) online photo editor to profitability and reached over 60M visits a month.

Prior to Picnik, Jonathan founded Phatbits which went on to become Google Gadgets.

Jonathan is also the founder of WeCount.org, a non-profit dedicated to applying consumer internet technologies to help the homeless. He has also invested in many startups founded by women, such as Glamhive, GiftStarter, Runway2Street, Poppy, Scout, and others.

Prior to Phatbits, Jonathan was a Senior Manager in Microsoft’s consumer division, personally delivering the next level of thought on key Microsoft properties to chairman Bill Gates and the company’s leadership, as well as driving the development of award-winning software applications, Xbox video games, and social communications applications.

Jonathan is a graduate of Whitman College, where he is also on the Board of Trustees."
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6 days ago by dandv
Josh Forti - Dear New/Beginner Entrepreneur, . You are about to...
Understand that to get to where you want to be you will have to KILL the old version of "you" and create a new one.
(Dead Serious.)
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7 days ago by lwhlihu

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