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Tous Les Chemins by Edgedancer
A photo without context, a few careless words, an embellished article.

Thus was born the idea, so patently false it would have fit better in a politician's speech, that Yuuri hated Viktor.
fanfic  yuri.on.ice  yuuri/viktor  miscommunication  ao3  words:10.000-20.000  au  ensemble  humor  animals  dancing 
14 days ago by hatinjacket
Katsudon by azriona
Hiroko doesn’t need to see to coat pork cutlets in egg and panko. She has made this dish for her family for over thirty years; she’ll make it another thirty, if she’s lucky.

Now she makes it for Yuuri and Victor as they fly home from Barcelona, with silver around their necks and gold around their fingers.
fanfic  yuri.on.ice  family  food  character.death  het  pregnancy  words:5.000-10.000  ao3  Hiroko/Toshiya  yuuri/viktor  outside.PoV  established.relationship  marriage  ensemble 
14 days ago by hatinjacket
pdameron - something has scarcely begun
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.

Q had always thought that a single man in possession of a good fortune would hardly be in want of anything, let alone a wife. But then again, Q had never paid much attention to such matters.
jamesbond  james.bond/q  pdameron  au:historical  pining  wooing  schmoop  ensemble  misunderstanding  wc:10000-25000  saveme 
15 days ago by silentfire
The History Boys (2006)
Jed's thoughts: A sharp, witty film packed with literary references, based on a play, about teenagers trying to get into Oxford and Cambridge. The sexual abuse is adult educators groping 17-year-olds; infidelity is vaguely referenced but not focused on. I love rewatching this movie because there's so much going on with all the different characters that I always pick up on a different thread each time.
drama  comedy  tragedy  r  1980s  m/m  white  uk  english  gay main character  queer angst  queer character death  sexual abuse  infidelity  navel-gazey  ensemble  jed's favorites 
29 days ago by franklymyqueeridontgiveadamn
Pride (2014)
Jed's thoughts: The true story of a group of queer activists raising money to support the 1985 UK miners’ strike. Deep, wonderful feelings of found family and solidarity. Makes 95% of queer people cry at the end in a good way. The AIDS crisis is present but it's not an AIDS movie, and gaybashing is offscreen. No main characters die, but major character death is mentioned in the "what happened next" superimposed text at the end. Watch the making-of feature too if you can, the interviews with the real people involved in this story are really something.
drama  comedy  r  1980s  white  uk  english  gay main character  lesbian minor character  found family  happy ending  hiv/aids  queerphobic violence  coming out  based on a true story  ensemble  queer community  jed's favorites 
4 weeks ago by franklymyqueeridontgiveadamn
the identity crisis of one nicholas j. fury by <user name="sevenfoxes" site="AO3">
"All the things Goose has eaten and the all the things people have called Nicholas J. Fury, with or without his consent." This is SO GREAT.

[AGREED! Also, love the switching back and forth across the timeline.]
avengers  captainmarvel  march-19  NickFury  MariaRambeau  ensemble  via:victoria.p 
5 weeks ago by butterflykiki
Girl Trouble by PhoenixGFawkes
Kageyama is annoyed by the boys that approach her to ask her out (she’s not interested), to offer to carry her books for her (she can handle it) or give her flowers (what would she want them for?). Hinata says that she’d like it if a boy once did any of that stuff for her, but she’s a dumbass who doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

When that boy for Hinata shows up, though, Kageyama isn’t annoyed.

She’s furious.
fanfic  haikyuu  Hinata/Kageyama  Genderbender  jealousy  femslash  het  humor  injury  words:20.000-50.000  ocs  ensemble  cuddling 
6 weeks ago by hatinjacket
SpiritsFlame - Favorite Strangers
When Batman v Superman!Bruce ends up in the comics world, he'll have to navigate another version of himself, his family and the man he tried to kill if he wants to get home.
dcu  comics  movieverse  clark.kent/bruce.wayne  spiritsflame  wc:25000-50000  au:multiverse  fix-it  ensemble  saveme 
january 2019 by silentfire
There Is No Shortage of Blood by Dira Sudis (dsudis), alby_mangroves (Adult, 246,613 words)
The long slow recovery of Bucky Barnes after his escape from HYDRA.

(And the longer, slower recovery of his sex life.)
fic  [Captain-America]  slash  Steve/Bucky  ensemble  futurefic  alternate-history  angst  hurt/comfort  dark  Epic 
january 2019 by tenillypo
the dogfather - hollimichele - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
In which there is a world imagined where Harry gets adopted by a NORMAL, LOVING muggle family, and Sirius breaks out early and becomes his guard dog. A notfic that quickly evolves into a fic-fic, and so so good. I quite appreciate that it takes on very explicitly the role that adults are SUPPOSED TO have in children's lives, while also being forgiving of the Marauder generation for being still so, so young.
!harrypotter  harry+sirius  remus/sirius  ensemble  teamfic  fanfic  notfic 
january 2019 by epaulettes
The Best Friend Quiz - msmichellewinchester
Santana shrugged, looking entirely unimpressed by Kurt’s combative attitude. “You said it yourself. Blaine’s best friend is the one who knows him better. Each person in this room will give you both one question. You’ll write down the answer and when you’re ready, you’ll show it to us. Blaine will determine which one was correct. Easy and effective.“
blaine/sam  char:kurt  bestfriends!  jealous!  glee  funny  canondivergence  ensemble  firsttime  c:oneshot/-7k  pre-slash  party! 
january 2019 by floatondown
Would You Be Mine, Could You Be Mine - lady_ragnell - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Merlin is the host of a kids show (think Mr. Rogers, but medieval fantasy), and Arthur is a guest star (and secret fanboy). Adorable. Really want to watch this show now, it seems SO cute. The relationship development was also nice, but I was here for the team at Merlin's Castle and honestly, that's a great reason to read this fic.
!merlin  merlin/arthur  fanfic  ensemble 
january 2019 by epaulettes
Distilling the Knowledge in a Neural Network – Google AI
A very simple way to improve the performance of almost any machine learning algorithm is to train many different models on the same data and then to average their predictions. Unfortunately, making predictions using a whole ensemble of models is cumbersome and may be too computationally expensive to allow deployment to a large number of users, especially if the individual models are large neural nets. Caruana and his collaborators have shown that it is possible to compress the knowledge in an ensemble into a single model which is much easier to deploy and we develop this approach further using a different compression technique. We achieve some surprising results on MNIST and we show that we can significantly improve the acoustic model of a heavily used commercial system by distilling the knowledge in an ensemble of models into a single model. We also introduce a new type of ensemble composed of one or more full models and many specialist models which learn to distinguish fine-grained classes that the full models confuse. Unlike a mixture of experts, these specialist models can be trained rapidly and in parallel.
ensemble  distillation  papers  ML-theory 
december 2018 by foodbaby
RT : Our 3rd year Projects are on next week! Book for ‘Belonging' via For…
Ensemble  Performance  from twitter
december 2018 by andfilmer
Belonging RSVP
RT : Our 3rd year Projects are on next week! Book for ‘Belonging' via For…
Ensemble  Performance  from twitter
december 2018 by andfilmer
When It's Time To Party We Will Always Party Hard - gala_apples, nubianamy
Ryder feels left out when Jake and Marley get a room at Mr. Schue's wedding reception -- until Finn invites him to the party.
polyamory!  weddings!  canondivergence  kink:d/s  glee  hotel!  firstsexexperience  c:-15k  menage  pining  jake/marley/ryder  sexy  ensemble  firsttime 
december 2018 by floatondown

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