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How to Get Buy-in for Reducing Technical Debt
I remember his response vividly: “We're still looking for product-market fit, so the communication from the leadership team is: it's fine if we're bleeding a bit, but let them know when we're gushing out blood.” This gory analogy provided powerful clarity that now was not the time to spend a lot of effort getting the codebase in tiptop shape — though if things got really bad and productivity suffered heavily, we should raise a flag.
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[Aaron Longwell] Why Software Development Requires Servant Leaders
The idea applies to any kind of leader, but I think it’s especially applicable to leaders of software projects, where the unique dynamics of unpredictability and complexity collide. ... Successful software managers find ways to be flexible; to bend without breaking and to resolve the tension gradually. Servant leadership can be a guide to finding this flexibility.
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Exploring Error Handling Patterns in Go | 8th Light
Defer, Panic, Recover
The first is called Defer, Panic, and Recover, where panic and recover are used sort of like throw and catch in other languages. There are a few points worth noting here:

The Go authors do cite a case where it's used in Go standard libraries, but they have also been careful to keep panics from escaping to the outside world. In most cases, panic is reserved for truly catastrophic errors (much like the Error class in Java is used for non-recoverable errors).
The theoretical argument that exceptions break Referential Transparency: Functional Programming in Scala describes this well. To sum it up: code that can throw an exception can evaluate to different values depending on whether or not it is surrounded in a try/catch block, so the programmer has to be aware of global context in order to avoid bugs. There's a nice example of this on GitHub and a concise explanation in this answer.
The practical argument: It's difficult to distinguish correct and incorrect exception-based code.
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10 hours ago by janpeuker
Unlearning toxic behaviors in a code review culture
I simply hope people take steps to provide constructive, actionable feedback and create more supportive environments, so developers feel comfortable to learn, grow, and make mistakes. We can all improve together.
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A Taxonomy of Tech Debt
When measuring a piece of tech debt, you can use impact (to customers and to developers), fix cost (time and risk), and contagion. I believe most developers regularly consider impact and fix cost, while I’ve rarely encountered discussions of contagion. Contagion can be a developer’s worst enemy as a problem burrows in and becomes harder and harder to dislodge. It is possible, however, to turn contagion into a weapon by making your fix more contagious than the problem.
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On Being A Senior Engineer
I expect a “senior” engineer to be a mature engineer.

I’m going to gloss over the part where one could simply list the technical areas in which a mature engineer should have some level of mastery or understanding (such as “Networking”, “Filesystems”, “Algorithms”, etc.) and instead highlight the personal characteristics that in my mind give me indication that someone can influence an organization or a business positively in the domain of engineering.
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iOS Continuous Integration Using Xcode Server | Toptal
via Pocket - iOS Continuous Integration with Xcode Server Explained Prior to Xcode 9, using Apple continuous integration tools was a tedious and complex process that required the purchase and installation of an additional macOS Server app.
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