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America’s Cars Are Suddenly Getting Faster and More Efficient - Bloomberg
This is fascinating - you can now get a Kia with as much power as an Aston Martin DB5, while the current Aston has literally twice as much, but MPG is still improving.
cars  efficiency  engineering  energy  scalability 
2 hours ago by yorksranter
Aegis Advanced Metals
All types of Technical ceramic materials (normally fully dense, but some porous parts too);
Titanium Carbonitride Cermets & the full range of Tungsten Carbides;
Powder metallurgy powder-formed components in steel, bronze alloys and stainless steel;
Sintered porous media in stainless steel and nickel or tin bronze;
Metal Foams made of stainless steel or special alloys (also Ceramic Foams);
Components with Special Coatings on parts made of metal, ceramic or tungsten carbide;
Macor, Shapal M-soft and Generic AlN-BN machineable ceramics

Worcs, UK
engineering  powder-metallurgy  Materials 
6 hours ago by magnusc
Growing and Scaling a High Performance Culture
Since the early days of agile, we've known how to run small engineering teams in an efficient and productive way. But the question of how to grow engineering teams is still a vexing one. In this talk, I’ll discuss how to scale high performing teams based on my own experiences, both good and bad, in the context of both startups (Opscode) and huge enterprises (I spent 2016 working for the US federal government at 18F). I’ll also present results from the research program i’ve has been involved with over the last four years into the culture of high performing teams, which gathered data from over 20,000 individuals across over 2,000 organizations worldwide.
devops  engineering  management  business  culture  performance 
6 hours ago by bobzoller
Electric and Hybrid Industrial Vehicle Technology Symposium
The path to increased electrification and hybridisation of industrial vehicles
engineering  hydraulics  actuators 
yesterday by magnusc
How a Kalman filter works, in pictures (2015)
Kalman filters are wonderful things and great for keeping track of where other things are in relation to yourself.
python  engineering  statistics 
yesterday by chris.leaman
Software Engineering Takeaways – Embedded in Academia
I had a great time this spring teaching a software engineering course for a new professional masters degree program created by my department. Since I didn’t use slides or hand out lecture notes, some students were asking if maybe I could write up a summary of what I wanted them to learn in the course. This sounded like a good idea and I figured I’d make a blog post out of it.
engineering  management  programming  software 
yesterday by jonmoore
Python as a Declarative Programming Language
Using an imperative style means that you spend too much time wading through the glue, but declaring what operations you want leads to code thats efficient and clean.

The side effect of this is that in order to be a great Python programmer, you have to learn to program in a lower level language too. All of the most popular Python data libraries have native extensions: TensorFlow, scikit-learn, NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, spaCY etc all have significant portions of their code written in a native language. If you are comfortable just using these libraries its enough to be just a good Python programmer; however, if you want to be the type of programmer that can produce libraries like these you really should be learning something like C++ or Cython too.
engineering  functional  ai 
2 days ago by janpeuker
Alan Kay Thesis: The Reactive Engine
Maybe Computer Science should be in the College of Theology! ...R. S. Barton, 1967
A rationale for writing a dissertation (besides the obvious one) should have something to do with the desire to shorten someone else's path to a given point so that he may press on to more interesting horizons. For that reason, an attempt has been made to write a somewhat verbose, but rather complete, account of the past two year's work. Since this paper involves the entire design of a computer system: hard-, firm-, and software, the considerations leading to some of the decisions and compromises must, of necessity, be somewhat involved if one is to tell all. Also, it is strongly felt that the crux points of decision making add more to the philosophical nature of a work than the rather concise engineering presentation to be found in Appendix A.

Granted, it is nice that a complete design, because of its inherent recursivity, may be boiled down to a few pages of symbols - for that is the nature and purpose of abstraction. Yet also, whenever a work such as this has been completed, it should be relegated immediately to the novice information scientist so that it need never again seem erudite. It is to this reader that The Reactive Engine is dedicated, not to the so-called Computer Science professional.

Thus, a low level (but accelerated) approach has been taken. It is impossible to present all of the introductory material that is necessary for the understanding of this thesis in one short chapter. Nevertheless, that chapter is most important to the novice reader, since it seeks to provide an intuitive feel for the environmental concepts and (more to the point) tries to instill motivation for consulting the basic references in the field.
design  research  engineering 
2 days ago by janpeuker

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