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RT : 6 Simple Things Every Team Wants From Their Leader

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6 days ago by JINHONG
Know what you want to achieve before jumping into . Check out the rate and audience…
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9 days ago by jhill5
Audiences Portal - Research - What next for 2019? BBC England on Social Media
Below you can see the top 10 BBC England Facebook posts of 2018.  Positive, solution-focused examples – shown in bold below – include people taking a stand against plastic pollution (Bristol; the #1 Fb post of 2018), someone with Down’s Sydrome loving their job in construction (South), and new ways that police are dealing with drivers on their mobile phones (England via WM).
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16 days ago by paulbradshaw
and - both critical components in a relevant and functioning healthcare setting.

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20 days ago by danslee

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