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The Pin Department
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12 weeks ago by javajunky
Lazy Monday Co. is founded by two lazy people who had an epiphany that they should have made a LAZY MONDAY FUND so they won’t ever need to work again on Monday, hence the name Lazy Monday Co. (they’re both too lazy to find any other name). All of the products are handmade, crafted & designed by ours
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june 2018 by artblanc
Super Team Deluxe
Funny enamel pins, patches and artwork focusing on design, art, nerdery, computers, sci-fi, movies and more.
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june 2018 by artblanc
Round Fissler Asta Enamel Tray from West Germany has large pink flowers with yellow centers and green leaves. Heavy round tray with steel body and several coats of fired porcelain enamel. Brass edge goes around the rim.
9.75" diameter
1" high rim
Marking on bottom: Asta Made in West Germany By Fissler.
Enamelware by Fissler was made until 1980s.
Well-known as high quality, luxury kitchenware that is very durable.
Condition: excellent. Minor scratches on bottom.
Shipping weight is 2 lbs 10 oz.
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june 2018 by BiteSize77
ZhongShan Apple Metal Plastic Co.,Ltd - We Are The Apple In Metal Industry
The APPLE METAL PLASTIC CO., LTD. is the professional Gift Company located in ZhongShan City of Guangdong Province.
We are specializes in various metal products as Lapel Pins, Badges, Medallions, Key Chains, Dog Tags etc, with different kinds of process: Cloisonné(Hard Enamel), Semi-Cloisonné, Soft Enamel, Die Struck , Photo Etched, Offset / Silk Screen Printing, Zinc Alloy and Pewter.
Our equipment and technology proceeded by Taiwan. For many years has devoted to the company specialty and the modernized development. Quite receives the high praise in the domestic and foreign customer's cooperation.
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june 2017 by javajunky

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