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Alarm over talks to implant UK employees with microchips | Technology | The Guardian
Trades Union Congress concerned over tech being used to control and micromanage
tech  employment 
16 hours ago by tonys
Self-Driving Vehicles: What Will Happen to Truck Drivers? - Evonomics
Trucks, self-driving vehicles, Andrew Yang, 2020 presidential candidate
autonomous.driving  employment 
yesterday by zesteur
9 Out of 10 People Are Willing to Earn Less Money to Do More-Meaningful Work - HBR, Nov 2018
"More than forty years later, myriad studies have substantiated the claim that American workers expect something deeper than a paycheck in return for their labors. Current compensation levels show only a marginal relationship with job satisfaction. By contrast, since 2005, the importance of meaningfulness in driving job selection has grown steadily. “Meaning is the new money, an HBR article argued in 2011. Why, then, haven’t more organizations taken concrete actions to focus their cultures on the creation of meaning?"

"Our Meaning and Purpose at Work report, released today, surveyed the experience of workplace meaning among 2,285 American professionals, across 26 industries and a range of pay levels, company sizes, and demographics."

"More than 9 out of 10 employees, we found, are willing to trade a percentage of their lifetime earnings for greater meaning at work."

"On average, our pool of American workers said they’d be willing to forego 23% of their entire future lifetime earnings in order to have a job that was always meaningful."

"Employees with very meaningful work, we found, spend one additional hour per week working, and take two fewer days of paid leave per year."
HBR  work  employment 
3 days ago by pierredv
Home | LG Inform
LG Inform presents you with up-to-date published data about your local area and the performance of your council or fire and rescue authority. Whether you’re interested in scrutiny, a particular service area, or simply need an overview, it can help you review and compare performance with other authorities.
data  localgov  la  employment  education  health  recycling  waste  environment 
5 days ago by paulbradshaw
So You Wanna Be a Chef— by Bourdain | Michael Ruhlman
I am frequently asked by aspiring chefs, dreamers young and old, attracted by the lure of slowly melting shallots and caramelizing pork belly, or delusions of Food Network stardom, if they should go to culinary school. I usually give a long, thoughtful, and qualified answer.

But the short answer is “no.”

Let me save you some money. I was in the restaurant business for twenty-eight years—much of that time as an employer. I am myself a graduate of the finest and most expensive culinary school in the country, the CIA, and am as well a frequent visitor and speaker at other culinary schools. Over the last nine years, I have met and heard from many culinary students on my travels, have watched them encounter triumphs and disappointments. I have seen the dream realized, and— more frequently—I have seen the dream die.
chef  food  employment  education  drugs 
8 days ago by Chirael
How Netflix and the streaming wars create income inequality
“I had a conversation with friends the other day, and we were like, man, it’d be nice to stop doing this,” Allison says, laughing. “If only there was anything else to do.”
television  film  Netflix  streamingmedia  employment  middleclass  review  bifurcation  decline  Hollywood  FastCompany  2018 
10 days ago by inspiral
Japanese firm fined token sum after woman died from overwork — The Guardian
It's actually a historic win, because not even a token fine has ever been imposed before.
japan  work  employment  death  business 
10 days ago by SirPavlova

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