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Email Template: How to Ask for a Sick Day - The Muse
When you're feeling under the weather, it's better to ask for a sick day than to infect all of your colleagues. Not sure what to say when you'll be staying home? You're in luck. Use this handy email template to tell your boss you'll be out sick—with no guilt or gory details required.
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40 Different Email Opening Lines to Use at Work - The Muse
Sick of those standard email opening lines like "I hope you're doing well!" and "Happy Monday!", yet stumped about what you should say instead? Well, we have your back. Here are 40 totally different email greetings you can use to start your message off right.
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The easiest way to validate email addresses in PHP · A Beautiful Site
function valid_email($email) {
return !!filter_var($email, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL);
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