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What tools do you use for prospecting/finding emails?
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22 hours ago by schraeds
Mail Me - Sending Mail to Yourself
Managing tasks, taking note, sending reminders or even collecting messages now, with Mail Me and your iPhone.
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yesterday by will.brien
Why Foldering Adds Very Little Security - Steven Bellovin, Aug 2018
Today, an attacker with access to log files, either via subpoena or by hacking a mail server, can see the communication metadata whether Alice and Bob are using foldering or simply sending email. An eavesdropper can't see the communications in either case. This is in contrast to 2010, when an eavesdropper could learn a lot from email but couldn't from a foldering channel.
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yesterday by pierredv
Secure email: ProtonMail is free encrypted email.
Secure Email Based in Switzerland
Secure Your Communications with ProtonMail
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yesterday by eheiser

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