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Elon Musk and the Failure of Our Imagination in Space
Permanent ownership claims to an asteroid, whether by a company or a bunch of college space nerds, are unlawful—some might even say rapacious.” ...space barons are shrewdly—one might say cynically—tapping into our respect for astronauts and our idealism about what space represents.
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2 days ago by jomc
Elon Musk: Trump Travel Ban
The tweet of his that made me respond:

"Exactly. There is no possibility of retraction, but there is possibility of modification. It's just a non-zero possibility. Don't know more."
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22 days ago by yolandaenoch
Elon Musk Is No Donald Trump
There are many proposed solutions to the news literacy problem out there. NewsGuard offers seals of approval. The News Literacy Project designs curricula. I will talk at any length about transparency, and about treating your audience with trust and respect. If you’ve got a few dollars to spare, you can do what Jeff Bezos did: He bought a great news organization and by all accounts learned enough about the business fast to make a real impact. It's not as complicated as Alexa!

But I also like Nate Silver’s more modest suggestion. Silver wrote that Musk’s idea was the “spectacularly bad take you write when you have no fucking idea what you're talking about but want to sound like you do” and suggested that he “go spend time in an actual newsroom or get to know some journalists.”
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25 days ago by yolandaenoch
Grimes and Elon Musk looking up fancy restaurants
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6 weeks ago by levleviev
Tesla Doesn’t Burn Fuel, It Burns Cash
One of Tesla’s greatest strengths is its ability to monetize the patience and goodwill of its customers and loyal fans. The company is sitting on a staggering $854 million in customer deposits as of the end of 2017 ...

Tesla is holding customer deposits for two vehicles that aren’t even in production yet...

and: There’s an additional source of free money from loyal believers: An unknown number of customers have paid up for vehicle features—$3,000 for “Full Self Driving” capability, for example—that Tesla thus far hasn’t figured out or released to anyone....
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7 weeks ago by tarakc02
Tesla Model 3 production aims for 6,000 units per week in June after upgrade in May – ~5,000 with margin of error, says Elon Musk | Electrek
– A major source of issues is poor communication between depts. The way to solve this is allow free flow of information between all levels. If, in order to get something done between depts, an individual contributor has to talk to their manager, who talks to a director, who talks to a VP, who talks to another VP, who talks to a director, who talks to a manager, who talks to someone doing the actual work, then super dumb things will happen. It must be ok for people to talk directly and just make the right thing happen.
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8 weeks ago by zmoog
Kanye West by Elon Musk: TIME 100 | Time
Kanye West would be the first person to tell you he belongs on this list. The dude doesn’t believe in false modesty, and he shouldn’t. Kanye’s belief in himself and his incredible tenacity—he performed his first single with his jaw wired shut—got him to where he is today. And he fought for his place in the cultural pantheon with a purpose. In his debut album, over a decade ago, Kanye issued what amounted to a social critique and a call to arms (with a beat): “We rappers is role model...
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march 2018 by elrob
The Falcon Heavy launch, space advertising for billionaires, and the beauty of science
However, it seems problematic that billionaires can place billboards in orbit and then shoot them willy nilly into the asteroid belt without much in the way of oversight. As the Roadster recedes from Earth and our memory, will it become just another piece of trash carelessly tossed by humanity into a pristine wilderness, the first of many to come? Or as it ages, will it become an historic artifact, a orbiting testament to the achievement and naivety of early 21st century science, technology, and culture? It’s not difficult to imagine, 40 or 50 years from now, space tourists visiting the Roadster on its occasional flybys of Mars and Earth. I wonder what they’ll think of all this?
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february 2018 by jbrennan

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