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Trying to work with kafka streams and threat intelligence?
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7 days ago by asteroza
Web Access Logs in Elasticsearch and Machine Learning | Elastic
Elasticsearch and the machine learning features of X-Pack helps users quickly identify anomalies in their data to avoid costly outages or data loss. This presentation will give a live demo of how web access logs can be analyzed to help identify early signals for cascading failures and unusual users.

elk  elasticsearch  machinelearning 
24 days ago by andreipak
A Practical Introduction to Logstash | Elastic
The Elastic Stack tries to make it as easy as possible to ingest data into Elasticsearch. Filebeat is a great tool for tailing files and comes with a set of modules which makes if possible to ingest a wide range of common log formats with minimal configuration. If the data you are looking to ingest is not covered by these modules, Logstash and Elasticsearch ingest nodes provide a flexible and powerful way to parse and process most types of text-based data.
elk  logstash  intro 
24 days ago by andreipak
Tweaking an EFK stack on Kubernetes: Fluentd configuration and Logtrail
In this post we will mainly focus on configuring Fluentd to manage the logs stream and setting up Logtrail which is a Papertrail like plugin for Kibana
kubernetes  elk 
4 weeks ago by pokerone

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