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Duinodrive- The Game Console for Makers- Pereira Electronics
atmega328p-based videogame console -- uses tvout library, had example games
Arduino  video  videogames  electronics 
yesterday by joem
Organic ionic ink can make 3D printed sensors for soft robots – NextBigFuture.com
"Harvard researchers developed an organic ionic liquid-based conductive ink that can be 3D printed within the soft elastomer matrices that comprise most soft robots."
rapid-prototyping  electronics  robotics  Materials 
2 days ago by magnusc
Game Boy Camera Canon EF Mount — Bastiaan Ekeler
I designed and 3D Printed a Canon EF Mount for my Game Boy Camera.
diy  gameboy  camera  electronics  photography 
3 days ago by danhorst
Veea Inc. - Makers of Veea and VeeaConnect
A platform that turns every connected object a touchpoint for communications, transactions and payments. Efficiently, cost-effectively, securely, seamlessly and instantaneously.
IoT  gadgets  electronics  services  smart.city 
3 days ago by zeest
Community driven knowledge dedicated to learning hardware.
electronics  hacking  hardware  raspberrypi  arduino  tutorials  artciles  videos 
3 days ago by jonlabelle
Learn Six Oscilloscope Measurements with an Arduino DUT - Bald Engineer
Grab an Arduino Uno and follow these 6 oscilloscope measurements to learn how to use your scope. Tutorial covers triggers, measurements, and persistence.
arduino  electronics 
4 days ago by chlopakrzeznika

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