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Planetary - Origins EP (MET034) by Subwax Distribution | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Artist: Planetary Title: Origins EP Label: Metamorphic Recordings Cat No: MET034 Format: 12” Vinyl Only Tracklist: x1. Subconscious Awareness x2. Out of Sight and Mind y1. Intertwined y2. First Contact By popular demand we are excitedly reissuing the 3rd release from Metamorphic, Origins EP by Planetary, carefully remastered from the original DAT recordings! In the interest of preserving the original mood of the release here is the text from the 1993 press release for this record... “In the time before ideas when human life was not even a consideration evolution began. Water from a turbulent sky flowed off virgin Earth into the pools and rivers of creation Meteors coursing the the heavens were intercepted by the mother in order to bring to her the elements needed for her primordial cauldron. “Origins” by Planetary brings you to this genesis. Your mind swims through the primeval ocean warm with life creation and you witness the beginning. When the music stops your mind and body return to the world of the sentient but you never forget your Origins.
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5 days ago by davewongillies
IT.podcast.s07e05: BMG at No Way Back 2018 by ithqdetroit | Free Listening on SoundCloud
IT.podcast.s07e05: BMG at No Way Back 2018 by ithqdetroit Here we find BMG in his natural habitat — opening up the door to another dimension. This set is a psychedelic journey from deep within No Way Back, it is almost so pure it shouldn’t be released, as it accurately portrays those moments of total meltdown and release from within the middle of the party, where the brain lets go and all we can do is feel the vibrations emanating from the speakers and within. This is BMG playing at No Way Back on Day 2 of 313: Return to the Source 2018 at The Tangent in Detroit, starting around 6 am.
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6 days ago by stringbot
TRAX.322 REDSHAPE by TRAX MAGAZINE | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Exclusive podcast from Redshape for Trax Magazine ! Pre-order 'A Sole Game' here: https://ift.tt/2pZZ16x '12 Years of Redshape Mix' Tracklist: 01 – Burial – Night Bus 02 – Rhythm & Sound – Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix) 03 – Omar S. – Churchill 04 – Redshape – Coffee & Cigarettes 05 – T.O.M. Project – Renaissance 06 – Baby Ford & Eon – Dead Eye 07 – Redshape – Pink Dust 08 – Tom Yorke – The Clock 09 – Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom – Relevee (Carl Craig Remix) 10 – Omar S. The Maker 11 – Trentemøller – Always Something Better (Trentemøller Remix) 12 – Burial – Forgive Artist: @https://ift.tt/2su7Ebg https://ift.tt/2PEUYaH
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4 weeks ago by davewongillies
Only For Robots 126 - Alala.One by Don't Trust Humans | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Only For Robots 126 - Alala.One by Don't Trust Humans https://ift.tt/2vDSJwk [Denver] For our 126th Only For Robots mix, we welcome Denver's Alala.one. Until somewhat recently, we were unfamiliar with her work, when a friend brought her to our attention. I took a ride through her Underground Heroes Podcast, and it is quite the treat (https://ift.tt/2MF9SMC). This prompted us to reach out to her, and she so kindly delivers an excellent seamless vinyl mix of rugged electro beaters, and other oddball jams . This one is dancefloor ready. Enjoy! NO TRACKLIST https://ift.tt/2MmW78o
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august 2018 by stringbot
musicmap - YouTube
Detailed playlists of music styles, via dancemusic.wtf
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august 2018 by habi

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