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Upgrade your body: MIT's Center for Extreme Bionics is on a mission to overcome disability | WIRED UK
Researchers at the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems are trying to understand how humans manipulate objects in order to reproduce gripping movements…
medicine  biology  rehabilitation  robotics  electronics  electrical  engineering  research  university  massachusetts  america  prosthetics 
8 days ago by asaltydog
Center for Extreme Bionics — MIT Media Lab
News & Updates Member Portal Research About Graduate Program People Events Videos Video Center for Extreme Bionics None Videos by Stacie Slotnick…
medicine  biology  rehabilitation  robotics  electronics  electrical  engineering  research  university  massachusetts  america  prosthetics 
8 days ago by asaltydog
Best surge protectors 2018: Reviews and buying advice | TechHive
"These reviews are of surge protectors designed for a home office or cubicle, or a home-entertainment system. Such power mediators have a single function: keeping voltage from exceeding a certain rated level, beyond which equipment can blow a fuse, burn out its power supply, or completely fry its circuitry beyond repair. The surge protector takes a hit instead of your hardware or A/V system, and it could potentially save you hundreds to many thousands of dollars, depending on what you have connected."
electrical  surge  protector  review  power  diigo 
21 days ago by doglord
Forklift Battery Basics
this is kinda basic and kind of an ad for their chargers, but a decent overview (slide deck) giving a 101 of the battery electrochemistry
lead  acid  battery  electrical  powerelectronics 
27 days ago by aaronbeekay
What To Look For In An Electrical Contractor
Even if you know that you need an electrical contractor to help you, you still may not know what to look for in one. Here are some things to consider before enlisting an electrical contractor to help you with your commercial lighting system.
electrical  contracting  commercial-lighting 
4 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Socratic Electronics
Une centaine de question pour apprendre l'électronique selon la méthode socratic
education  electronics  learning  electricity  engineering  electrical 
4 weeks ago by vitaminCPP
IoT Effects on Electrical Contractors
Internet of Things technology relies on infrastructure that requires reliable power, which presents an excellent opportunity for electrical contractors. Learn more about IoT and its effects on electrical contractors.
iot  electrical  contractors 
5 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Hack My House: Running Raspberry Pi Without an SD Card | Hackaday
What does this have to do with Hacking My House? As I discussed last time, I’m using Raspberry Pi as Infrastructure by building them into the walls of every room in my house. You don’t want to drag out a ladder and screwdriver to swap out a misbehaving SD card, so booting over the network is a really good solution. I know I promised we’d discuss cabling and cameras. Think of this as a parenthetical article — we’ll talk about Ethernet and ZoneMinder next time.
automation  raspberrypi  electrical  home  howto  pxe  boot  network  ethernet 
5 weeks ago by danesparza
Best Practice: Cable Installation Tips and Techniques | KNXtoday
By Simon Buddle, SMC During this series of ‘Best Practice’ articles we will look at various aspects of the installation and at system components; from valves to…
howto  heating  electrical  engineering  wiring  cables  guide 
6 weeks ago by asaltydog
AC DC Portable Power Supply / 158,000mAh Power Bank / 585Wh Solar Generator - Added April 10, 2018 at 02:10PM
diy  electrical  electronics  survival 
7 weeks ago by xenocid

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