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Crash course in Conduit - Fine Homebuilding
Four-part video series in using EMT conduit; 2018-Mar. These videos, although short, are very well done and informative.
2018  FineHomebuilding  video  electrical  how-to 
7 days ago by amoore
Crash Course in Conduit - Fine Homebuilding
Electrician shares basics of bending, fastening, and connecting electrical metallic tubing; Fine Homebuilding, issue 273, 2018-Mar. Four-part video series also available.
FineHomebuilding  electrical  2018 
7 days ago by amoore
NIBE Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps and Renewable Energy
Ground source heat pump (GSHP) NIBE is one of Europe's leaders in sustainable energy solutions supplying heating, ventilation, cooling and heat recovery products.
building  heating  ventilation  electrical  engineering  geothermal  pumps  energy  renewable 
8 days ago by asaltydog
MARGO. Metrology for the acoustic recognition of gas optimised services
MARGO is a patented technique for listening to any meter measuring a gas or a fluid (including natural gas & water).
architecture  building  plumbing  metrology  acoustic  heating  electrical  engineering  ventilation  optimisation  utilities  energy  metering 
8 days ago by asaltydog
5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Electric Fences
Many people are afraid to be near an electric fence because they think that touching one could severely hurt or even kill them.
electrical  fences  solar-energy 
15 days ago by Adventure_Web
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electrical  engineering  electronics  components  china 
17 days ago by asaltydog
BMW 2002 Charging-System Diagnostics | BMW Car Club of America
Skip to main content Login You are here Home » Roundel » Articles Read Issues of ROUNDEL On The Web or Get the APP! For IOS and Android BROWSE BMW CCA Photostream via Pocket
IFTTT  auto:  electrical  automotive  hack  mechanic 
18 days ago by robmck
Resurrecting Bertha: Getting the Voltage Up - BimmerLife
One of my steps in preparing Bertha for drives longer than around the block was dealing with the charging system. via Pocket
IFTTT  auto:  electrical  automotive  hack  mechanic 
18 days ago by robmck
Marine Batteries | Transporter Energy
Set sail with sustainable energy Why replace gas in your boat As marine technology advances, you need a power source that can meet the demands of increasingly…
sailing  marine  electrical  engineering  energy  portable  lithium  battery 
21 days ago by asaltydog
Arduino-based multimeter with some extras.
arduino  electrical  elec_engr 
5 weeks ago by PCjabber
JuiceBox EV charging stations - fast chargers for electric vehicles.
JuiceBox residential and commercial EV charging stations ensure affordable and reliable charging of your electric vehicle. Charge your EV faster.
electrical  tesla  charger 
7 weeks ago by program247365

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