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How-To-Install-ELK-Stack-On-CentOS-7 With Metricbeat | linux help topics
Note = ELK stand for Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana (but in my steup i use MetricBeat) With -metricbeat configuration example   clean &...
4 days ago by ddeimeke
Elasticsearch replaces string type with two new types text and keyword. | Elastic
On using text types for full text search and keyword type for keyword search in Elasticsearch 5.0.
8 days ago by jonasbehmer
Elasticsearch 6.0 Removal of mapping types – Federico Panini – Medium
A Type in Elasticsearch is so defined : “A type in Elasticsearch represent a class of similar documents”. It’s a logical aggregation we can use to identify clusters of similar documents. There was an…
8 days ago by jonasbehmer
Elasticsearch: Building AutoComplete functionality – Hacker Noon
Let’s take a very common example. Whenever you go to google and start typing, a drop-down appears which lists the suggestions. Those suggestions are related to the query and help the user in…
elasticsearch  elastic 
11 days ago by bmichelsen

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