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The Truth About EVs Versus Gas Cars For Winter Driving
The truth is hard to find these days, especially with all the agendas related to this hot topic.
Our good friend Alex Guberman (E for Electric) takes a closer look at why electric cars may be better than gas cars when it comes to winter driving and cold weather. He also speaks to the disadvantages of EVs in freezing temps. To top it off, Alex takes people’s comments and questions live.
EV  cars  winter  FAQ  range  efficiency 
7 days ago by fbotha
Mahjong Efficiency Trainer
"This is a tile efficiency trainer for Japanese (Riichi) Mahjong.... For every possible discard, the trainer will check how many tiles the resulting hand could draw to improve its shanten (distance from ready)." - Euophrys
Riichi  Mahjong  tile  efficiency  trainer  Riichi-Mahjong  RiichiMahjong  Japanese  tiles  discard  discards  discarding  shanten  training  practice  game  web  app  application  software  web-app  WebApp  web-game  WebGame  good  fave  favorite  Euophrys  feedy 
10 days ago by Mykl
Enjoying the Process of Home Cooking | EWG
Fantastic helpful post on intelligent cooking and design.
cooking  science  efficiency  joy  howto  exceptional  research  design 
11 days ago by csrollyson
The Better Boarding Method Airlines Won't Use - YouTube
Nichts tun ist hier besser als ein System einrichten, weil Menschen
airlines  efficiency  flying  video 
12 days ago by meydench

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