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17 hours ago by tafsiri
MTV Animation Director and Simpsons Storyboard Artist -
"After graduation, Ableson attended the University of Southern California on scholarship. Unfortunately he didn't make it in to USC's film school. But even though he didn't get in to his major, he decided to take his general education requirements with plans to reapply to film school the next semester. But his plan didn't work. All in all, Ableson was denied admission four times in a row, making him the Rudy Ruettiger of film students."

Didn't even have money to buy a portfolio case, so he shoplifted one. OMG.
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18 hours ago by cmananian - Level up your programming skills
Download and solve practice problems in over 30 different languages.
Submit the solution to the site for feedback (beta).
For code newbies and experienced programmers.
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18 hours ago by Chirael
Reclaiming My Purpose and Voice: Confessions of a Former “Edtech Speaker”
It’s hard because there has to be much more to our work than which tech tools we are using. There’s the importance of culture, pedagogy and collaboration across departments. It’s never about the work of one person but the work of many…many whose voices are never heard and should be.
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20 hours ago by lukeneff

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