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Pursuit | Learn to Code, Advance your Career, and Become a Leader in Tech
Through their four-year intensive program, this organization trains adults with the most need and potential to get their first tech jobs, advance in their careers, and become the next generation of leaders in technology.
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1 hour ago by javagar
Chemical Leak Closes Old Main
Students and faculty were evacuated from a building at Augustana College Monday because of a chemical leak. It happened just before 10 am, during routine maintenance on the the h-v-a-c system in Old Main.

College spokeswoman, Ashleigh Johnston, says leaking refrigerant created a "non-toxic fog" and the building was evacuated as a precaution.

Air tests by the Rock Island Fire Department, and then a restoration company, determined Old Main was safe to enter and people were allowed in briefly at mid-afternoon to pick up their personal belongings.
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1 hour ago by dchas
Vader Nick bedenkt app die zoon verplicht te antwoorden op zijn berichten | Bright
Nick Herbert, vader van de Britse puber Ben, kocht een smartphone voor zijn zoon toen hij naar de middelbare school ging. "Die was bedoeld om contact te houden als dat nodig was, maar het zorgde juist voor een nieuw probleem", schrijft hij op zijn eigen website.

"Hij kan er spelletjes op spelen en filmpjes op kijken", vervolgt de vader. Net als veel jongeren wil zoon Ben niet altijd dat zijn vader dat doorheeft. "Hij heeft zijn telefoon altijd op stil en antwoordt dus bijna nooit als ik contact met hem zoek." Uit frustratie bedacht hij een app.
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4 hours ago by Shoord
The Middles - All Star Charts -
My friend JC likes to say picking tops and bottoms is the most expensive job on Wall Street.

A lot of the media’s time and attention is spent discussing whether or not something is bottoming (housing, stocks, consumer confidence, ratings, etc) or topping (tech stocks, valuations, bond prices, sentiment).  It’s great conversation but not helpful.

Because most of the time things are not bottoming or topping.  They are middle-ing.  They are churning or they are trending.  Most of the time, there is no inflection point at hand – these are rare occurrences.  So to focus on them to such a great degree is probably a distraction and definitely a waste of time.  And energy and emotion.

Think about the middle.

This is the chart that I had been pounding the table about to our subscribers throughout both November and December. It represents the percentage of NYSE stocks above the 200 day moving average. The buy signal is not when the percentage falls below a certain level. It is well after it reverses and then gets back above that level that we want to be involved from the long side. My level is 15%. Some other smart people I know wait until it gets back above 20%
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5 hours ago by fallond
李一诺:在自己的土地上, 做世界上最好的教育-奴隶社会-财新博客-新世纪的常识传播者-财新网
1. 做事的人,更多的人出来质疑和挑战, 而应该是给他们一份赞许和鼓励
2. 力量 - 别人的认可带来的自信的力量
3. 自觉 - 可以愤怒,但不要抱怨, 想要什么环境,自己动手去创造 - 成为领导者
4. 看到真实的世界, 之后的选择和担当带来的力量
5. 力量,来自于面对真实
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10 hours ago by muyun_
Introducing Scratch 3.0: Expanding the Creative Possibilities of Coding
Over the past decade, millions of kids around the world have used Scratch to code their own interactive games, stories, animations, and more. This outpouring of creativity inspires us to continue to…
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10 hours ago by lenciel
Harvard affirmative action case pits Asian Americans against each other — and everyone else
It is incumbent upon Asian Americans to rewrite the script. Asian Americans can both #defenddiversity and condemn anti-Asian discrimination. ...
In fact, Asian Americans experience the greatest income inequality in the United States. Lumping all Asian Americans together most harms underrepresented Southeast Asian American groups who face barriers to education, health care, and affordable housing.
Asian Americans must resist ideas like “overrepresentation” that inherently pit minority groups against one another in higher education, conveniently distracting from the Asian American penalty relative to white applicants. The argument that Asian Americans are overrepresented also ignores that Asian Americans enroll in college at higher rates than other minority groups but experience the lowest admissions rate of any group.
Harvard’s lower acceptance rate for Asian Americans is explained, if not by illegal racial balancing, then by Harvard’s Asian personality penalty. ...
Do Asian Americans buy into the idea that we have inferior personalities, or do we recognize that the Harvard admissions process is susceptible to social prejudice?
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15 hours ago by jimmykduong

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