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[MS-OE376]: Fixed Commands | Microsoft Docs
This is the giant list of command keywords for Word. The use of this, basically, is that you can use these to setup keyboard shortcuts for any of these bits.

(via https://deanna.burghart.us/blog/custom-keyboard-shortcuts/)
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yesterday by handcoding
Colleen Barry on Twitter: "In Google Docs you can preview a clean version by going to “Review edits” and clicking “Preview accept all.”… https://t.co/1W8qnj7YxK"
(On getting a “Final”-like view in Google Docs:)
“In Google Docs you can preview a clean version by going to ‘Review edits’ and clicking ‘Preview accept all.’”

(Mike Pope later mentioned that this view is view-only, though.)
CopyCurmudgeon  twitter  2019  final  copyediting  editing 
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Karen Wise on Twitter: "My favorite way to edit is with both showing at once, side by side. When I have a document open, I go to Window—>New Window, and a duplicate of the document opens. I put one in Final mode and one in Show All Markup mode, and what
“My favorite way to edit is with both showing at once, side by side. When I have a document open, I go to Window—>New Window, and a duplicate of the document opens. I put one in Final mode and one in Show All Markup mode, and whatever I do in one shows up in the other!”
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Research Paper Editing Services
Editing is a term used in academic circles to refer to the aspect of eliminating any form of errors from academic papers and essays.
Paper  Editing  Services 
2 days ago by meldaresearch
Essay editing online
The company offering essay editing should not exploit students. The company should ensure students are able to get essay editing at a lower cost.
essay  editing 
4 days ago by meldaresearch
Hemingway Editor
Get instant feedback on writing
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5 days ago by dberkowitz
Luminar Quick Tips | Removing Objects With “Clone & Stamp” and “Erase” Tools - YouTube
Abba Shapiro, Pro Photographer and Co-Director of Skylum Education shows you when to use the "Clone & Stamp" tool vs. when to use the "Erase" tool to remove unwanted objects in your images. You will also learn:
• How to use the Crop Tool
• What the Erase Tool is best used for
• Handy Keyboard shortcuts
• How the Clone & Stamp Tool works
• Finishing an image with several filters & Looks
• Using selective masking
photography  editing  skylum  luminar  tools 
6 days ago by timstahmer
Video Editing and Screen Recording Software | ScreenFlow
Video editing and screen recording software that lets you create high-quality software or iPhone demos, professional video tutorials, in-depth video training, and presentations. Download and try for free.
video  editing  software 
7 days ago by ingekuijper
Review: Topaz Sharpen AI is Amazing
I got an email notifying me of the release of Topaz Sharpen AI, a program that enhances details and fixes out-of-focus/blurred shots. I initially expected that it was something similar to Adobe Enhance Details, which slightly enhanced the details of some specific shots and didn’t work for many other images. Topaz provided a demo fully-functional for 30 days, so I decided to give it a try.
Honestly speaking, I didn’t expect much. AI is the buzz word these days. Every company claims that their products feature wonderful AI but usually such AIs underperform my expectations.
I tell you the conclusion first so that you don’t have to waste your time. I was very, very impressed with Topaz Labs’ technology. It doesn’t work perfectly well with all images and it has some drawbacks, but the overall technology is really amazing.
Let me show you some images I processed using this software.
photography  AI/ML  photo  editing 
7 days ago by rgl7194

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