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the real reason you use/persist with :

old machine won't boot, /bin/busybox has , and not…
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Ed Tetreault captures the sounds of Peabody | Hub
He records the music you hear, trains the next generation of audio engineers, and, in his spare time, has mixed and mastered Grammy-nominated releases
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9 days ago by gdw
How The ‘Gaokao’ Rewards Students for Being Rich - Sixth Tone
Back in March, China’s Ministry of Education eliminated a number of preferential programs that allowed students to earn bonus points on the gaokao, China’s college entrance examination. Now, students are no longer eligible for extra marks based on standout performances in athletic, artistic, or scientific competitions. Bonus points for being granted the title of “provincial-level outstanding student” have also been abolished.
9 days ago by bbishop
Ministry of Education Bans the Idolization of China's Top Gaokao Scorers | What's on Weibo
Stories of the top achievers of China’s national exams can no longer be propagated by state media; the emphasis should shift to the average, harmonious student.
13 days ago by bbishop
Language Log » Peking University president misreads an unobscure character: monumental implications
In an address celebrating the 120th anniversary of Peking University, the president of said institution, Lin Jianhua, misread hónghú zhì 鸿鹄志 ("grand, lofty aspiration") as hónghào zhì 鸿皓志 (doesn't really mean anything)..

Lin's misreading of hú 鹄 ("swan") as hào 皓 ("bright; luminous; hoary"), although sensational on social media, is actually the least of Peking University's public relations crises at the current moment.  Far greater is the negative publicity surrounding its suppression of the #MeToo movement on campus, and most serious of all are its harsh attempts to silence discontent over the mishandling of a professor-student rape-suicide case dating back twenty years that has recently come under the spotlight, especially when the main complainant is not backing down, even under tremendous threats from the University.
16 days ago by bbishop
Peking University head sorry for slip-up - China Daily
Peking University President Lin Jianhua has apologized after his mispronunciation of a word at its 120th anniversary celebration triggered online criticism. Lin made the mistake while delivering a speech meant to inspire students at Peking University's 120th anniversary ceremony on Friday. It triggered heated debate online, with some netizens criticizing Lin for not knowing the word and questioning whether he was qualified to be head of one of China's best universities-known as the country's Harvard. The word should be pronounced "honghu", indicating birds that can fly high. The president pronounced it as "honghao", which has no meaning.
16 days ago by bbishop
Black Mirror too real in China as schools shun parents with bad social credit - CNET
A high school in Changle County, Shandong Province, recently updated its school policy to reflect the new system, according to state-run newspaper The Paper. It says it will no longer enrol students whose parents have bad social credit scores. Since its transition to private owners in 2002, it must abide by strict rules on private enrolment set by local authorities.
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