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State Council reshuffles Education Inspection Committee - Gov.cn
The State Council issued a notice on July 30 announcing the reshuffling of the Education Inspection Committee, appointing Vice-Premier Sun Chunlan as the committee head. Education Minister Chen Baosheng and deputy secretary-general of the State Council Ding Xiangyang will be the committee’s deputy directors.
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RT : How have emergency department expenditures for public and private insurance changed over time?
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考了669分 “学霸”在工地上收北大通知书_资讯频道_凤凰网
positive energy, 17 year old in Yunnan gets accepted into Peking University, receives the acceptance letter while he is working on a construction site with his parents--slideshow
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Trade war risks university joint ventures in China | afr.com
The escalating trade war between Washington and Beijing has increased the risk for university joint ventures and partnerships operating in China, according to Jeffrey Lehman, vice-chancellor of New York University Shanghai. When NYU set up China's first Sino-American joint university in Shanghai five years ago, the biggest risk it faced was attracting students and teaching staff to the new and experimental institution. However, Mr Lehman said geostrategic developments have rocketed up the risk list, threatening the viability of international collaborations.
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American Professor Cites Academic Intolerance as Reason for Leaving China - WSJ $$
Christopher Balding said that the narrowing limits for open discussion, even of economic and business issues, made him feel unsafe and drove him to leave China. He said Peking University’s HSBC School of Business in Shenzhen—where he worked for nine years—told him last November that his contract wouldn’t be renewed. Hai Wen, dean of the business school, said Mr. Balding’s employment was terminated after an internal evaluation found “poor” performance in teaching, research and other responsibilities. His dismissal was a “normal academic employment decision,” Mr. Hai said...Mr. Balding left the school this month at the end of the academic year, according to Mr. Hai, the dean. The school also declined to renew contracts for two other faculty members due to “unsatisfactory performance,” Mr. Hai said. One of Mr. Balding’s colleagues also attributed his dismissal to poor performance. // Comment: Was that a foreign or Chinese colleague?
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