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Tetrate | Enterprise Service Mesh with Envoy & Istio
Helps companies with digital transformation to public clouds (cloud-native) to finally manage microservices at scale. That includes mastering challenges around networking APIs, HTTPS handling and modeling service interactions (from outside the Istio mesh).

Tetrate's three pillars of added value are:

1. Intelligent Traffic Management
Enhance reliability with dynamic, QoS-aware, decentralized routing controls.

2. Continuous Security
Secure inter-service communications with built-in service identities and powerful AuthN/AuthZ policies.

3. From Edge to Workload
From ingress to service, run our infrastructure on any abstraction and any cloud.

As founders, maintainers and core contributors to "serverless" open-source software like Envoy, Istio and the broader CNCF ecosystem are they well recognized in the industry and got substantial founding by Dell, INTEL and Google.

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4 days ago by eocas
Status as a Service (StaaS) — Remains of the Day
An in-depth analysis of social media platforms through the lens of social capital theory and why we should think of them as “Status as a Service” businesses.

Ironical title of a lengthy but brilliant, extremely comprehensive analysis of underlying psychological, societal and economical motives for using and operating social networks.

Startupinthecloud  Lifesnippets  Agrachina  Fashionmeetsorganic  Social_Networks  Social  Analysis  Research  Social_Media  Sociology  Psychology  Ecosystem  Business_Advisory_relevant  blog  Expert 
10 days ago by eocas
Why Understanding our Food Systems Matters - Community Dining
Delightfully human: #Sustainable #farming pioneer invites us to question megafood practices that most of us follow without being aware of our choices
sustainability  farm  food  table  community  pointofview  economy  pioneer  grocery  exceptional  local  customer  farmer  ecosystem 
13 days ago by csrollyson
OPNFV Gambia
"OPNFV Gambia progresses the state of NFV around continuous delivery, cloud native network functions (CNFs), testing, carrier-grade features and upstream project integration. OPNFV was a pioneer with NFV continuous integration and is now taking a first step towards continuous delivery. The release also includes new service assurance and monitoring features. CSPs driving network transformation initiatives can utilize OPNFV for continuous integration and testing, development of reference architectures, VNF onboarding and validation, use case testing, NFVI/VIM procurement, development of operational practices and more. OPNFV is the nexus point for collaboration between open source networking projects and ecosystems by integrating upstream projects into reference architectures tuned for NFV use cases, leading cross-project initiatives for dynamic continuous integration (CI), and fostering the open source community transforming networks."

Under the Linxu Foundation umbrella.

Startupinthecloud  network  Linux  Standardization  devops  development  Software  Cloud_Development  cloud_providers  Cloud_Service_Providers  opensource  Ecosystem  community 
17 days ago by eocas
Do It Your-self Sustaining Ecosystem-: 6 Steps (with Pictures)
Do It Your-self Sustaining Ecosystem-: Do it yourself sustaining ecosystemIn this DIY, I will show you how to create your own self sustaining ecosystem. First of all you need to find a good bowl, jar. most sizes will work for your terrarium. A container with a large hole will make it e...
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18 days ago by muffinista

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