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. demonstrated how to integrate the with SUSE Cloud Application Platform, showing how to easily…
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9 days ago by tgeek
My Husband Wore Really Tight Shorts to the Eclipse Party - The New York Times
The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung argued that when we fall in love with someone, what we really fall in love with are the characteristics that are in us, but that, for whatever reason, we cannot access.

What I love in Alex — that ability to not care what other people think — is something I want for myself. I have experienced that utter lack of self-consciousness only three times in my life: When I fell in love 25 years ago, the months I had untreated postpartum psychosis, and the two-and-half minutes of the eclipse. Three times reality flipped.

Even after spending 25 years with that person, the only way to get there is to change yourself.
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15 days ago by bwiese

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