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How I made a tiny t2.nano EC2 instance handle thousands of monthly visitors using CloudFront - Concurrency Labs
I use t2.nano EC2 instances a lot, mainly for experiments and some development. Eventually I became curious about what types of workloads a t2.nano could handle, therefore I installed a WordPress blog in a t2.nano and ran load tests. Then I gave my t2.nano a little help from CloudFront. Here are my findings.
ec2  aws  optimize  web  services  performance  tuning 
2 days ago by emory
Amazon EC2 Container system with Ruby on Rails [PART-1]
This tutorial is meant for people who want to launch a RoR application using AWS container system and rest of its infrastructure. In the first part of this series, I'm going to focus on how to…
ec2  rails 
11 days ago by muffinista
EC2再作成時にプライベートIPアドレスとMACアドレスを引き継いでみる | Developers.IO
Elastic Network Interfaceの再利用で、プライベートIPアドレスとMACアドレスを引き継ぐ設定をしました!
ec2  ip  eni 
11 days ago by lamanotrama
oliverlloyd/jmeter-ec2: Automates running Apache JMeter on Amazon EC2
Automates running Apache JMeter on Amazon EC2. Contribute to oliverlloyd/jmeter-ec2 development by creating an account on GitHub.
amazon  github  jmeter  performance  ec2 
22 days ago by brian.tully

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