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The untold origin story of eBay that I lived, and the times that could have killed it - Cake
via Pocket - The untold origin story of eBay that I lived, and the times that could have killed it - Added March 20, 2020 at 04:11PM
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15 hours ago by mikele
Issue 76: 3rd-party API leaks 8 million shopping records - API Security News
New security research on Voatz, a 3rd party database leaks the details of 8 million online shoppers, REST API Static Security Testing in Azure Pipelines
apis.fail  netapinotes  ebay  shopify  paypal  stripe  security 
5 days ago by mreinbold
the Art of Server | eBay Stores
At the Art of Server, we are custom computer server builders and enthusiasts, here to serve other server builders and enthusiasts with their server needs. When you buy your server components from us, know that we treat our server parts with care and proper handling of sensitive electronics. We are not a high-volume computer recycler parting out systems with little regard. We actually spend the time to fully clean components, update firmwares, and fully test our components. Many of the components we sell are exactly what we use to build our own servers. So, whether you’re building a home media server, a ZFS file server, a FreeNAS server, an unraid server, or running your own virtualization host with Proxmox or just plain ol’ kvm, reach out to us and tell us about your project! As server builders, we always want to learn what other builders are building!
_Home_Lab  HBA  SAS  `Art_of_Server  eBay  server 
10 days ago by iGV
Für grade mal 188€ bietet gerade ein an das sogar über ein Touchscreen verfügt!! Aktuell in den…
eBay  Chromebook  from twitter_favs
29 days ago by tmmd
Teens are hacking Instagram into a modern-day eBay
Entrepreneurial kids have figured out the future of the thrift shop: Instagram comments.
culture  instagram  ebay  jeremy_morris  mia_sato 
4 weeks ago by mreinbold

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