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If We Were a Movie - by busaikko
"I know Rodney hid them in here," John is saying, sipping his beer through a bendy straw because Madison insisted, crouching down in the pantry to look behind the canisters of whole grains. "Or hey, check the freezer."

That's when Rodney walks in from the garage door; Jennifer still can't wrap her head around the idea of silent, electric cars that don't give you any warning. They seem too sci-fi, and she ought to know.

"Hi," she says, and waves, fluttering her fingers nervously because she's never done anything this impulsive, and maybe, maybe he won't want her here.

But Rodney just grins wide and gives her a kiss loud enough to make Madison go eww and stomp out to the living room. Jennifer kisses back, and then sees John, standing trapped in the pantry doorway, trying to wipe the lipgloss off on the back of his hand, looking angry and embarrassed and as miserable as she's ever seen him.

"John," she says, meaning to make it a question, but it comes out sounding like a warning. John flinches; Rodney turns around.

"That's a new look for you," Rodney says, not reading the emotional currents at all -- either that, or deciding avoidance is best. "Glitter, huh."

"I used to wear this stuff in the eighties," John says, flashing his fingernails self-mockingly. "It was a thing the gay kids did at school."

"I think gay fashion has changed since then," Rodney says, thoughtfully. "Were you trying to steal my Doritos?"

"Yes," John says, and Jennifer's heart just breaks for him. "I'm going to go check my e-mail."

"Stay," Jennifer says, and pinches Rodney's arm through his shirt. They've talked about this, and Rodney's always insisted that the status quo was fine and that boats shouldn't be rocked and that John would say no. "Please stay." She gives Rodney a look; she wishes she had psychic powers round about now.
sga  mckay/keller  mckay/sheppard/keller  earthside  canada  madison  poly  negotiation  sleeping/together  <3 
3 days ago by runpunkrun
Power Moves
At this year's Atlantis Rising eSports tournament, it's the Transparent Stars versus the Space Marines. Which team will come out on top?
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  pre-slash  humor  cute  1000-9999 
28 days ago by popkin16
Per Aspera - by TheBiFromUNCLE
Jim had gotten hurt. So what else was new? Except it was bad this time. Bad as in Bones didn’t call him a moron when he woke up in the sickbay. Bad as in grounded indefinitely. Bad as he didn’t complain when he was told he had to have someone stay with him while he recuperated. Spock was the logical choice. Reliable, even-headed. Besides, everyone else bar Bones had bolted as soon as they had docked. Uhura had taken a temporary admin job within Starfleet. It was beneath her but translating treaties meeting minutes was exactly the kind of mindless work she wanted. Scotty was overseeing repairs. Chekov and Sulu had filed separately for extended leave, but had left together.

Bones though, Bones had argued and fought and swore and demanded to be Jim’s carer. He was told in no uncertain terms that this would not be allowed. He had been about to tender his resignation when Jim said, quietly, from the sickbay bed ‘Just do what they say Bones’. Later Jim would be able to convince himself that he had imagined the way Bones’ shoulders had slumped, the way he seemed to collapse in on himself. Hallucinating, on account of all the drugs they’d (Bones) been pumping into him to keep him alive. So Bones left too and Jim was sad to see him go, but in a deep, shameful part of himself he was also relieved. Looking at Bones’ face was like staring at an open wound, seeing his own misery and brokenness reflected back at him.

‘Perhaps I would be better suited?’

Spock’s cool, clinical manner directly after McCoy’s outburst made him seem the ideal candidate.
st:aos  kirk/spock  earthside  grounded  roommates  h/c  domestic  grooming  recovery  kissing  firsttimes  <3 
4 weeks ago by runpunkrun
The Ties That Bind - by IvanW
I didn’t know how long we were at the bar, but I know Sam drove us home, and I was too wasted to realize how much of a bad idea that was. I didn’t think he was as shit-faced as I was, but I was too shit-faced to realize it one way or another.

By the time the hover car rattled to a stop I was nearly unconscious. Sam had to come to the passenger side and pulled me out.

As he dragged me to the side door, it took us both a moment to realize someone stood there.

Sam stopped dead. “What the—”

I looked up, bleary-eyed. Suddenly my vision swam and I stumbled forward.

“It’s my Vulcan. Spock!”

Everything shifted and tilted and it took probably longer than it should before I realized Spock had scooped me up into his arms. What did they call that? Bridal?

“Are you responsible for this?” Spock demanded of Sam, his voice cold and stony.

“Nope,” Sam said cheerfully. “I think you are.”
st:aos  kirk/spock  stb  pining  earthside  iowa  winona  sam  drunk  meet-the-family 
4 weeks ago by runpunkrun
I Will Follow You into the Dark - by IvanW
“Is there…what can I do?” Jim took a step closer, close enough to touch Spock, but not doing so. He’d learned earlier on the ship touching Spock when he was like this was not wise.

“You have already done it. I appreciate that you saw my parents settled. And the…elders.”

But not the one Jim had seen get crushed in the cave when they’d gone to rescue them. Spock’s mom had told Jim that he’d been a teacher of Spock’s that Spock had admired. So many gone, so many taken by Nero. His own loss, that of his father, seemed small compared to everything else. There were worse things than growing up without a father. Jim had learned that all too well.

“You-you’re welcome.” He turned away.



“You have received medical attention for your significant injuries?”

He hadn’t. Bones had bugged him, but Jim had put him off. And now Jim needed to shower, dress, and get to the ceremony where they planned to give him a medal for all this. For what, anyway? Not being able to save Vulcan. But Earth, yeah, they still stood on Earth.

“Yeah,” he lied. Because he didn’t feel like saying he hadn’t seen anyone and in the end, in Spock’s current state, he doubted Spock cared as much as he was supposed to, and for some reason, Jim felt like Spock had asked because it was what you were supposed to do for your significant other. If they still were. Which, well, Jim wasn’t even sure about that.

Pike had told him that Spock was offering his resignation. He intended to help establish a colony to rebuild the Vulcan race and anyway, what could Jim say about that? Spock hadn’t even asked him what he’d thought or even mentioned it. He’d heard it from Pike.
st:aos  au  kirk/spock  post-narada  earthside  winona  infirmary  honesty 
5 weeks ago by runpunkrun
Sam Might Not Be Crazy
They've been on the road three months, hasn't John run out of film yet?
sga  mcshep  au  historicau  earthside  sweet  romance  established!relationship  0-999 
5 weeks ago by popkin16
Goodnight Kisses - by TokyoRose_2006 (Meet the Kirks #2)
“You are wearing my meditation robe,” Spock said evenly.

Jim dropped his hand, then his chin to look down at the garment in question, his face a handsome mask of bemusement and mild concern. “Uh, yeah,” he said, puzzled. “I already packed all of my clothes back up and I forgot when I got out of the shower…” Jim trailed off and raised his eyes, wide and bright, to look up at Spock. “I hope it’s ok?”

Jim’s tone was slightly wounded, the words hesitant. The sound of it was soft and unsure, vulnerable in its timbre in a way that made Spock’s nostrils flare. He was not remotely upset, as Jim’s demeanor seemed to anticipate, but the sight of his mate wrapped in his clothing was causing a deep, primal sense of possession to stir in him; it cast doubt on his ability to completely control his base, Vulcan urge to view Jim as intrinsically his , the object and recipient of all of his crudest desires.

Spock tightened his hands behind his back to resist the urge to run his fingers lewdly across the planes of Jim’s body, cloaked as they were beneath the silky material of his robe. “It is...I have no particular objection.”

“Oh, ok,” Jim said slowly, skepticism etched into the wrinkles of his brow as he frowned lightly at Spock. “If you say so.”

“I do,” Spock replied, perhaps too quickly, as Jim flinched back from the sound of his voice.

“You’re sure?” Jim asked, his voice no longer timid but laden with disbelief.

“I believe I have answered you,” was Spock’s stiff reply.

It took longer than Spock cared to admit to tighten his grip on his desire, all of his focus divided as it was between the look of Jim draped in his robe and the need to bite back the possessive desire the sight was stoking in him. He felt the muscles of his back tense with restraint as Jim raised the hand he had just had outstretched to Spock and touched it lightly to the deep, open v of exposed flesh between the lapels of the robe. Spock watched as Jim’s fingers rested in the hollow of his throat and began a slow descent down his sternum.
st:aos  kirk/spock  earthside  domestic  sharing  clothes  kink 
5 weeks ago by runpunkrun
Walls Come Down - by TokyoRose_2006 (Meet the Kirks #1)
The final straw, though, had been when Spock had calmly supplied that Ambassador Spock had agreed that Sonak’s staying the year on New Vulcan would undoubtedly be in the boy’s best interest. Jim recalled sharply how angry he had been, how betrayed and blindsided he’d felt. He’d asked the questions that had burned in his chest in angry, rapid barks that he would have regretted under normal circumstances. How could Spock have gone behind his back to make plans for Sonak’s life without him? When had he had the time to make such inquiries? Why hadn’t Spock consulted him first? And how, how had Spock believed that Jim would want to live an entire year without their son, unable to see him, watch him grow, protect him?

Jim, to his credit, had somehow managed to generously concede that the Ambassador, of all clearly guilty parties in this situation, had not only the right to impress his perspective on them as Spock’s counterpart, but a right to voice his opinions on Sonak’s rearing as the boy’s godfather. But even that concession had hurt, as it only seemed to drive home the fact that he felt somehow doubly betrayed by both Spocks, two of the only people in the universe he would turn to in his time of need having consulted each other on such a sensitive and imperative subject without him.

The fight had been one for the Kirk household history books, neither man backing down from his respective points and perspectives. It continued for longer than Jim could remember any of their arguments having lasted before, increasing in ferocity and futility with each passing moment. The fight had ended some hours later with Jim slamming down the pot he’d been aggressively drying for no less than 15 minutes. He had stomped from the house without his communicator, stating in no uncertain terms that he would be back when he got back and leaving Spock green tinged and perplexed, stating that his assertion was redundant, to which Jim responded in even less uncertain terms that Spock could sleep in the guestroom, which he had that night and each night since.
st:aos  kirk/spock  earthside  progeny  angry 
6 weeks ago by runpunkrun
Watching (And Watched)
A pleasant trip to Ohio leads to a surprising revelation.
sga  mcshep  canon  earthside  team  romance  first!time  pining!john  oblivious!rodney  elayna88  1000-9999 
6 weeks ago by popkin16
First Kiss
When Jeannie asked Rodney about their first kiss – in between questioning just how he’d managed to get someone like Sheppard – Rodney had to stop and think.
sga  mcshep  established!relationship  canon  earthside  jeannie.miller  sweet  romance  happy!fic  gorgeous/favorite  1000-9999 
6 weeks ago by popkin16
Viva Las Vegas
John and Rodney try to catch some R&R during a visit back home. There's beer, food talk, sex, SGC lemmings, and bad memories.
sga  mcshep  canon  established!relationship  romance  earthside  1000-9999 
7 weeks ago by popkin16
Nature Boy - by Snabulous
“A Vulcan is a being from the planet of the same name,” Spock explains, though confused as to why he should have to. “It is sixteen light years away from this planet. We have been in contact with humans for several hundred years, so I must ask-”

The boy cuts him off, a huge grin dominating his features. He drops to a squat, putting his face directly in front of Spock’s, much closer than he would prefer. “You’re not from here?”

Spock raises an eyebrow and leans back to a safer distance. “No, I am not,” he says.

“Which way is Vulcan?” the boy asks, moving to fully sit down, crossing his legs beneath him. Fallen flowers seem to gather around his knees magnetically, but Spock suspects a trick of the irregular light.

Spock looks up to the sky, obscured though it is by the heart-shaped catalpa leaves. It would not be possible to give an exact direction from his position, so he points in the direction that would likely be most easily understood: up.

The boy’s eyes light up. “You’re from the stars?” he questions excitedly. Spock understands that it is some sort of a colloquialism on Earth to refer to other life forms as being “from the stars,” so he does not correct the boy, simply nodding once.

“And where are you from?” Spock asks. “You appear to be human, but I am unsure.”

“I’m from here,” the boy replies vaguely, picking up the cup-like flowers from the ground and stacking them on his knee.

Spock waits for him to elaborate. When the boy says nothing further, Spock says, “Clarify.”

“What do you mean?” the boy asks, tilting his head and squinting. He leans closer, as though proximity would allow him to understand.

“Are you from Iowa?”

“I’m from here,” the boy repeats.
st:tos  au  kirk/spock  earthside  iowa  meet-as-kids  bonded 
8 weeks ago by runpunkrun
Nowhere to go but Up (literally)
'John Sheppard falls down a hole. Okay, it’s a deep hole, but he’s okay, he can climb out, no need to call Ronon, or Teyla, or let Rodney find out. :D :D :D That might be the concussion talking.'
sga  mcshep  canon  established!relationship  angst  hurt/comfort  humor  sweet  earthside  1000-9999 
8 weeks ago by popkin16
Going Home
Aziraphale is recalled to Heaven, Crowley isn't impressed.
GoodOmens  gen  canon  angst  humor  earthside  1000-9999 
8 weeks ago by popkin16
Platonic - by WerewolvesAreReal
The captain fiddles with a chess-piece. “Spock. What are your plans? And I'm not talking about your teaching job on Earth. Do you ever think about returning to Vulcan?”

It's an odd line of inquiry. “Eventually, I must,” Spock concedes.

“Because of the pon farr,” says Jim.

Spock flinches. He can't help it, and he feels unduly affronted that Jim should even utter the phrase. Jim presses his lips together. “Sorry,” he says, before Spock can say a word. “I know it's not something you want to talk about. But I think we need to.”

Spock curbs his initial reply. Jim once beamed down to the sands of Vulcan and nearly died at the place of Koon-ut-Kal-if-fee. If there is anyone who deserves to question Spock on the subject, it is this man.

Yet he cannot bring himself to invite inquiry. He waits, instead, for Jim's question.

It takes awhile. Jim pauses to sip his whiskey, grimacing through the taste. He stares into the glass as though it might rise up and answer his questions for him. Then, without looking at Spock, he asks: “On Vulcan, can men bond with other men?”

It is not a question Spock expects.

“Yes,” he says.

Jim takes another drink.

They sit there, waiting. Jim doesn't look him in the eye. But at last he takes a deep breath, as though steeling himself. “Spock,” he says. “How do Vulcans pick their partners?”
st:tos  kirk-spock  earthside  professors  dating 
8 weeks ago by runpunkrun
Ass, Johnny Cash, or Lawnmower Grass
No one rides for free. Stupid idea doesn't build itself. Rodney doesn't waste his time without John's help. It's good for him though.
sga  mcshep  canon  earthside  humor  0-999  happy!fic  established!relationship 
10 weeks ago by popkin16
Cocoa Beach
A chance meeting on a wind-swept beach leads to romance for a cranky NASA scientist and a hot-shot pilot.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  humor  first!time  cute  happy!fic  esteefee  1000-9999 
11 weeks ago by popkin16

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