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#Trashtag is Trending and It’s Actually Awesome, Let’s Keep It Going! «TwistedSifter
"Over this past weekend, #trashtag started trending on social media as well as reddit. People on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit were sharing before and after photos of areas they had cleared of trash.

From beaches and parks to sidewalks and streets, people around the globe are proving that even a single person can make a difference.

Although this hashtag and cleanup idea has been around for years, it really started to trend again this past weekend and has steadily gained momentum. We for one, feel this is one viral trend we can all happily get behind.

Below you will see some of the amazing before and after photos that have been posted already online. "
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6 days ago by ssam
Pics from the Earth Polychromatic Camera on the DSCOVR spacecraft

Would be cool to follow this on once it supports remote follows.
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7 days ago by cdzombak

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