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Project Chrono: An Open Source Multi-physics Simulation Engine
Chrono is a physics-based modelling and simulation infrastructure based on a platform-independent open-source design implemented in C++. A PROJECTCHRONO library can be embedded in a software project to simulate, for instance, wheeled and tracked vehicles operating on deformable terrains, robots, mechatronic systems, compliant mechanisms, and fluid solid interaction phenomena. Systems can be made of rigid and flexible/compliant parts with constraints, motors and contacts; parts can have three-dimensional shapes for collision detection.
Robotics  dynamics  simulation  Physics  roboticsSimulation  physicsSimulation 
14 days ago by cessationoftime
Develop 1 Limited Blog | Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions
Develop 1 Limited Blog - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions
dynamics  blog 
17 days ago by elijah.cornell
Better Integration between Dynamics 365 and SharePoint
I have presented my session on Dynamics 365 and SharePoint Integration a number of times, to both Dynamics and SharePoint audiences. I am sort of retiring this session in its current form but wanted…
dynamics  sharepoint 
17 days ago by elijah.cornell
Get Fields From Related Records Using Actions – Sara Lagerquist
Have you ever had that requirement where you know you can solve most of it with a workflow but the information you are after is one relationship too far away? For example: via Pocket
Pocket  actions  crm-how-to  dynamics  365  workflows 
22 days ago by TobiwanKenobi
Dynamics CRM Tip Of The Day
Dynamics CRM Tip Of The Day - Daily smörgåsbord of finest Microsoft Dynamics 365 tips and tricks
dynamics  blog 
28 days ago by elijah.cornell
UltimateWorkflowToolkit/CoreOperations at master · a33ik/UltimateWorkflowToolkit
Contribute to a33ik/UltimateWorkflowToolkit development by creating an account on GitHub.
dynamics  tools 
29 days ago by elijah.cornell
Microsoft Power Platform – How we can help automate your business processes in Dynamics 365 CRM | Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Tips and Tricks
Innovators have an innate quality, they break down complex structures into basic elements and then, combine permutation and combinations of those elements to form another module. This leads to groundbreaking inventions, thereby ushering a wave of innovative solutions. via Pocket
Pocket  crm-nice-to-know  dynamics  365  flow 
4 weeks ago by TobiwanKenobi
Dynamic content in Auto Numbers for Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM ⋆ The Dynamics 365 Trenches
How can I number existing records? How can I add dynamic content to the numbers? via Pocket
Pocket  auto  numbering  crm-how-to  dynamics  365 
4 weeks ago by TobiwanKenobi
Open Global Glacier Model
OGGM is a modular open source model for glacier dynamics

The model accounts for glacier geometry (including contributory branches) and includes an explicit ice dynamics module. It can simulate past and future mass-balance, volume and geometry of (almost) any glacier in the world in a fully automated and extensible workflow. We rely exclusively on publicly available data for calibration and validation.
glaciers  modeling  dynamics 
5 weeks ago by soto97
rajyraman/Levelup-for-Dynamics-CRM: Chrome Extension for Dynamics CRM/365 Power users
Chrome Extension for Dynamics CRM/365 Power users. Contribute to rajyraman/Levelup-for-Dynamics-CRM development by creating an account on GitHub.
5 weeks ago by elijah.cornell

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