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The Pryda Snare: History and Recreating it
How does one go about making the Pryda Snare (aside from sampling it directly from “Miami to Atlanta”)? Here’s a quick rundown.
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8 days ago by redconfetti
MC06: Weird Science with Certain Creatures by Magick City | Free Listening on SoundCloud
MC06: Weird Science with Certain Creatures by Magick City Weird Science is Sunday afternoon event series hosted by Remedy and @rhythmic_discourse at Magick City for local and guest dj's to showcase their personal tastes beyond regular club environment. Presented here live recording of Certain Creatures 2.5 hour set recorded on a Sunday of November 18, 2018 in Brooklyn NY. Oliver Chapoy is a Brooklyn-based DJ and producer. Oliver began his Certain Creatures project in 2013 and released his first 12”, which featured guest vocals from Stuart Argabright (Ike Yard/Black Rain), on the label Styles Upon Styles. Following this collaboration, Oliver produced the 2014 Black Rain comeback record, Dark Pool, on the label Blackest Ever Black. Since then, Oliver has released records as Certain Creatures for Mysteries of the Deep, Medical Records imprint Transfusions and Styles Upon Styles. Oliver has performed sets at Mysteries of the Deep and The Bunker NY, among others across the US. He can be heard on the Lot Radio’s Sensoria show every Thursday with frequent collaborator Clay Wilson, with whom he also does a weekly residency at Jupiter Disco in Brooklyn, NY. Here's the tracklist: Franco Micalizzi - Crescendo Lena Platonos - Shadows Of Blood Eberhard Kranemann & Harald Grosskopf - Ou Tchi Gah Steve Pepe - Danza Moderna Dynamix II - Yellow Beats The Brothers Fuck & Friend - Sunday Sex Klinik - Touch your skin 33-10-3402 - III33 CP / BW - Helium Handicap Zazou Bikaye - Dju Ya Feza (original demo) Pessimist - Pagans CoH + Cosey Fanni Tutti - Inside Manie Sans Délire - Pyre Michel Banabila - Where Old Meets New Aphex Twin - Untitled Porter Ricks - Polytoxic 2 Stereolab - Metronomic Underground (Wagon Christ Mix) Luke Vibert - Fused into Music Tortoise - Taut & Tame (Luke Vibert Remix) Dynamix II - Techno Green Beats Astrobotnia - Portable Motor Home Ninos Du Brasil, Arto Lindsay - Vagalumes Piralampos Nyrabakiga (Nyra Bakiga) - Cor Corora (Long Version) Pursent - 346.2 (400ppm remix) Arpanet - Ntt Docomo M. Zalla - Sovversione Tolouse Low Trax - Vai Vai Phreak - Acid On (1991) Air - Travelling Without Moving (Trip 08) Sordid Sound System - Dia De Muertos Zov Zov - Hands Held Up Toresch - Guayabame Gay Marvine - Runningupthatdub CeCe Peniston - Finally (12" Mix) Technotronic Featuring Felly - Pump Up The Jam (Top FM Mix) Inner City - Pennies From Heaven (Kevin's Tunnel Mix - 12") Arthur Russell - Arm Around You
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15 days ago by stringbot
The Drum Thing, or, A Brief History of Whiplash, or, “I’m Generalizing Here” | DO THE M@TH
(Tony Williams and Buddy Rich. Image lifted from Vince Wilburn, Jr.'s Twitter feed) (Elvin Jones and Buddy Rich. Image lifted from Dave Liebman's Facebook. Both these photos showed up on Mark Stryker's Twitter, that's how I found them. See also Mark's guest post "Traps, the Drum Wonder.") --- There have been many think pieces about Whiplash,…
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18 days ago by endoverse
50 Best Acoustic Drum Kit Samples | Drum Signals, electronic drums blog
There’s (as of last update) more than 70 (!) drum sample providers here (hundreds of kits/libraries/bundles) and lots of freebies.
This page is being constantly updated, so be sure to check back again
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20 days ago by dynamo

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