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Vanishing Violence: Tracking California’s remarkable collapse in youth crime
Serious youth crime has fallen off drastically since the 1990s, leaving juvenile halls emptied. So why is California still spending so much?
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4 weeks ago by xer0x
Vanishing Violence: Tracking California’s remarkable collapse in youth crime
Possible reasons include a decline of lead poisoning in children, which reduced the toxic effects on young brains, and pivotal shifts in the street drug trade, including diminishing demand for crack cocaine and strict laws that sent dealers who might recruit young people away for decades.

In San Francisco, said Gascón, prosecutors moved away from incarcerating children for low-level offenses like truancy or petty theft as research showed that even one stint in juvenile hall led to a higher likelihood of recidivism.

“We recognized that actually institutionalizing people, especially young people for low-level offenses, actually has the reverse impact,” Gascón said. “It doesn’t deter them.”

The transition from a lock-’em-up mentality toward home- or community-based alterna
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4 weeks ago by Quercki
drag-n-drop in Vuetify - Part II – Vuetify – Medium
This time we are going to talk about implementing drag and drop for Tabs and Data Table component.
vuetify  table  drag  drop  vue  vuejs 
6 weeks ago by cajazzer

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