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Duke Energy Uses Drones to Restore Power in Puerto Rico
As reported by Jessica Wells last week in Duke Energy’s Illuminations newsletter, the more than 220 Duke Energy workers who have been working to restore power in Puerto Rico since January have found a new way to string lines and navigate the challenging mountain terrain: drones.
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RT : Before you sign up for that local class on piloting , read this
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Skydio’s AI-powered autonomous R1 drone follows you around in 4K
Skydio, an autonomous drone startup based out of Redwood City, California, unveiled a product today that it’s been working on for four years. The R1, as it’s called, is an artificial intelligence-powered quadcopter capable of shooting 4K video of a subject and maneuvering complex environments all on its own. Using industry advancements in AI to help train a custom computer vision system, Skydio developed a product that’s effectively the first professional-grade drone that can be flown without any expertise whatsoever, the company claims. In fact, the R1 doesn’t even come with a controller because in almost every situation imaginable, the drone should fly itself.
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MIT teaches drones to fly with uncertainty
The system is a bit complex but it’s called NanoMap and it quite simply finds ways to get from point A to point B without crashing and while handling random objects in its path.
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DroneBase raises $12 million to bring augmented reality to aerial drone imagery
AirCraft is a beta service within the DroneBase pilot’s app that allows you to overlay virtual objects onto the landscape to build an obstacle course or help visualize how a new structure, for example, may look. While the current incarnation of AirCraft is aimed at the recreational market, the new Pro service will allow companies to upload 3D computer design models, images, and data at scale to showcase anything they want.
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Cleo Robotics Demonstrates Uniquely Clever Ducted Fan Drone - IEEE Spectrum
This donut-shaped drone, not technically known as a dronut, offers a tasty combination of safety and ease of use
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