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Drone interference disrupts UAV event at Xian City Wall - May 2018
"Fascinating story from the Beijing News about an event using UAVs that went awry at Xian City wall this May. The article is in Chinese - you'll need to translate it using google or similar - but it appears the event was using over 1000 drones, some of which experienced directional RF interference which caused some of the drones to stop working

Link to the article is here: http://www.bjnews.com.cn/news/2018/05/06/485895.html

Also a video of the event can be found here:-

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2 days ago by pierredv
5,000 Feet is the Best on Vimeo
The film is based on two meetings with a Predator drone sensor operator, which were recorded in a hotel in Las Vegas in September 2010. On camera, the drone operator agreed to discuss the technical aspects of his job and his daily routine. Off camera and off the record, he briefly described recurring incidents in which the unmanned plane fired at both militants and civilians - and the psychological difficulties he experienced as a result. Instead of looking for the appropriate news accounts or documentary footage to augment his redacted story, the film is deliberately miscast and misplaced: It follows an actor cast as the drone operator who grudgingly sits for an interview in a dark hotel. The interview is repeatedly interrupted by the actor\'s digressions, which take the viewer on meandering trips around Las Vegas. Told in quick flashbacks, the stories form a circular plot that nevertheless returns fitfully to the voice and blurred face of the drone operator - and to his unfinished story.
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3 days ago by robertocarroll
Drone journalism - News Literacy 2017 | News Literacy 2017
This proliferation of technology is also influencing the role of drones in journalism, where they can be used to collect images, video, and data for reporting. Although still considered a relatively new tool in the news business, drones offer opportunities to explore new forms of storytelling and can reach places journalists can’t go.
5 days ago by reginajmc
Taking Visual Journalism Into the Sky With Drones - The New York Times
What are some of the new and interesting tools you are experimenting with for visual storytelling?

I’m constantly experimenting with the latest drones and 360/virtual reality camera systems. Every year, drones get smaller and their cameras get more advanced. In addition to improvements in image quality, I’m particularly interested in using drones for actual reporting — from counting houses that were damaged in a fire, to tracking plant health over time to help identify the impact of drought, to analyzing migration patterns and to identifying where peat fires burn underground.
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33 Ways Drones Will Impact Society: From Fighting War to Forecasting Weather, UAVs Change Everything
33 Ways Drones Will Impact Society: From Fighting War to Forecasting Weather, UAVs Change Everything
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Drones could have a big role to play in the future of freight transport | CNBC
The last few years have seen drones become an increasingly common sight in our skies. Today, they're piloted by a range of users, from amateur enthusiasts and pizza delivery companies to the military. Anne Goodchild, professor of civil and environmental engineering at the UW, is quoted.
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