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Mysteries of the Deep XCVII - DJ PETE (SUBSTANCE) by Mysteries of the Deep | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Mysteries of the Deep XCVII - DJ PETE (SUBSTANCE) by Mysteries of the Deep Mysteries of the Deep Podcast, Chapter XCVII by DJ Pete (Substance). Cover photo courtesy of Candace Price. Tracklist: 1. Below Surface - Island in the East 2. Kuedo - Under The Surface 3. Dany Rodriguez - Curve With Daddy 4. Sel Alterat - Boc Scadet 5. Serenace - Union 6. Overlook - Crisis 7. Stanislav Tolkachev - See You Tomorrow? 8. Edge Of Motion - Ecto Phase 9. David Reina - Hypatia 10. Rommek - Flint 11. Positive Centre - Sum Tolerance 12. P.E.A.R.L. - Shrine 13. Rhyw - Karhide 14. Ital Tek - Blood Rain 15. Sleeparchive - Snapshot Five 16. Ursa Minor Hugo Massien 17. Sleeparchive - Dubplate 18. Ben Long - Bioacoustics 19. Insolate - Sloboda 20. Raime - Coax 21. Sleeparchive - Snapshot One Rise and Shine, Substance’s first solo release since 1998, is out this Friday. Pre-order here: http://bit.ly/2Ube7D1 http://bit.ly/1LhSEwS
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16. Patrick Cosmos by Beyond / Below | Free Listening on SoundCloud
16. Patrick Cosmos by Beyond / Below Beyond/Below 16 by Patrick Cosmos. Received December 2018. Photo by Patrick From Patrick: "As a fan of the Beyond/Below series, I spent (too much) time thinking about how I’d like to make my mix fit in. Initially this took the form of mostly frictionless drone with a few spikes of texture; eventually, I realized I wanted something that sounded less like how I thought my mix was supposed to sound and more like I wanted it to sound. As a result, I’ve tried to connect dots between a lot of guitar ambient, kosmische synth, noise, drone, and the like. Most of these are records that have been with me for a long time. I hope that you enjoy listening, and that your 2019 is better than your 2018." Patrick is on Twitter @veryimportant Support him on Bandcamp here: http://bit.ly/2HuaG91 Tracklist Christ - Cordate Boxhead Ensemble - Thursday Trio No. 3 Radio People - The Leap Home Mark Ernestus Meets BBC - Version Boxhead Ensemble - Why Not Patterns? (For Jeff Parker) Soft Focus - Hypersomia Lithops - Fi Robert Turman - Flux (Side B) Plaid - Do Matter Mist - Twin Lanes Nuno Canavarro - Wolfie Loops of Your Heart - End Emeralds - Disappearing Ink Fabric - Controls Aaron Dilloway - Psychic Driving Tapes Sam Prekop - The Silhouettes Trouble Books - Tolans
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Better CI Integration · Issue #996 · go-gitea/gitea · GitHub
Description I'm using drone as CI System at the moment (test run) and actually i can not see if an repository has CI enabled (besides i look into the repo settings webhooks) or the build status. Only posibility is to include the drone re...
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yesterday by birdofprey.ru
Refugee | iRevolutions
Example of using a drone to map a refugee camp (following Humanitarium UAV Code of Conduct)
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yesterday by csrollyson
Drones.mp4 - Google Drive
Drove overview movie - on Google Drive
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