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Why I'm Excited for Vulkan
NVIDIA has cemented themselves as the “king of video games” simply by having the most tricks. Since game developers optimize for NVIDIA first, they have an entire empire built around being dishonest.
nvidia  vulkan  game-development  drivers 
yesterday by grahammitchell
Kernel 4.4.172 on Slack64 and Nvidia 304.137
nvidia needs patching. site includes nv-patch-k4.4.172.txt
Computers  Linux  slackware64  nvidia  drivers  modules  driver  module  patch  slackware  kernel  4.4 
7 days ago by themanjay
Great database of computer hardware and their components (e.g. for checking Linux or Mac compatibility)
hardware  drivers 
9 days ago by jamiew
Scanner Resource Center - Guides, Downloads, Knowledge Base - Fujitsu United States
In addition to world-class scanning technology, Fujitsu also offers world-class scanner support. Find guides, technical data, parts numbers and more for your scanner.
support  download  drivers  software  scanning  scansnap  fujitsu 
20 days ago by emory
How to install Behringer UMC404HD drivers on Windows 10 | Sweetwater
Check out the How to install Behringer UMC404HD drivers on Windows 10 page at Sweetwater — the world's leading music technology and instrument retailer!
tutorial  umc404hd  behringer  drivers  howto 
21 days ago by dicewitch
UnknownDevices download |
Download UnknownDevices for free. Unknown Device Identifier. UnknownDevices? is a small utility that was written to provide computer technicians with a simple way to identify those "Unknown Device" devices that show up in Microsoft Windows after a fresh install.
Software  Utilities  Hardware  Drivers  Open_Source  Free 
21 days ago by thegiant
GitHub - tolga9009/elgato-gchd: Reverse engineering the Elgato Game Capture HD to make it work under Linux.
Reverse engineering the Elgato Game Capture HD to make it work under Linux. - tolga9009/elgato-gchd
opensores  linux  elgato  streaming  hardware  drivers 
5 weeks ago by po
Streaming on Linux using Elgato Game Capture HD and OBS Studio | Open Broadcaster Software
Preliminary remarks:

The driver is unofficial, and alpha-quality software. Use at your own risk and do not expect that it will work with your device or...
opensores  linux  elgato  streaming  hardware  drivers 
5 weeks ago by po

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