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Pete Corey - Namecheap + Amazon S3
Namecheap and Amazon’s S3 are a match made in heaven. Follow these steps to get both working together seamlessly.
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20 hours ago by ianweatherhogg
BMC Patrol Agent - Domain User to Domain Admin – Securifera
After verifying that we could use patrolcli to connect to any other patrol agent client using a regular domain user, we pointed it to the domain controller and were able to successfully execute commands as SYSTEM on the DC.
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yesterday by whip_lash
Manage Domains - Hover
Find the perfect domain name for your idea at Hover. All domains come with industry-leading customer support and free WHOIS privacy. Name your passion today!
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yesterday by a2jimenez
NameSilo - Expiration Process
30 day to renew after expiration. If not sold at auction on day 31 (auction from day 5 to 31), you may restore the domain for $75 between day 34 and 64. - 2018-12-12
estateplan  domain  registrar 
6 days ago by wellsa
Protect your domain and never lose your domain if it expires with Domain Expiration Protection
Network Solutions option to pay $9.99 for up to one year of protection after failure of credit card payment. - 2018-12-12
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6 days ago by wellsa
ZEIT – Domains
Buy Domains with One Command using ▲ZEIT Domains
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7 days ago by e2b
Being a Good Domain Shepherd – Posts By SpecterOps Team Members
DomainCheck pulls a list of domains registered under the provided Namecheap account, collects the DNS records set for each domain, and then reviews each one to ensure it is ready to be used. This involves checking to see if WhoisGuard is enabled, the domain is not expired, the domain is properly categorized, the domain has not been flagged in VirusTotal or tagged with a bad category, and the domain is not blacklisted for spam.

The DomainReview class uses the following sources to check the health of a domain name:

Cisco Talos
IBM X-Force
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9 days ago by whip_lash

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