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They discovered on M3X-112 that Rodney kind of liked being tied up.
sga  mcshep  canon  established!relationship  hot  pwp  kink  1000-9999  sub!rodney  dom!john 
august 2019 by popkin16
What He Deserves
Never had he been so angry this had happed. Because why would it? Who the hell got so angry they popped a boner? Apparently John did, and it was all Rodney’s fault. This was some kind of next level fury that could only be brought on by Rodney Fucking McKay.

Post S2E6: Trinity. Takes place immmediately following this episode.
sga  mcshep  canon  first!time  angst  episode.related  pwp  kink  1000-9999  dom!john  sub!rodney 
may 2019 by popkin16
"The first thing they always did upon entering a new motel room, apartment or cabin was close the curtains."
[SPN_blindfold] The first thing they always did upon entering a new motel room, apartment or cabin was close the curtains. The second thing John and Dean always did was strip Sam of his outside clothes. For the most part, the only clothes Sam owned were Dean's hand-me-downs. They didn't always fit, but they were only for show. John knew that they couldn't cart Sammy around naked. They played it by ear when driving at night. Dean liked having a naked Sam squirming around in his lap at times in the car, but John loved his boys, both of them, and he didn't want to get caught in a compromising position with either.
AU:Canon/Timeline-Change  pairing:Dean/John/Sam  bottom!Sam  cockslut!Sam  dom!Dean  dom!John  fucktoy!Sam  kink:BDSM  kink:bondage  kink:cock-warming  kink:D/s  kink:exhibitionism  kink:frottage  kink:humiliation  kink:oral-fixation  kink:orgasm-denial/delay  kink:overstimulation  kink:sex-toys  kink:training/conditioning  kink:voyeurism  kink:watersports  sub!Sam  fandom:Supernatural  length:1K-5K 
may 2019 by casey679
Wandering the halls of Antarctica, John stumbles across a sub in need.
sga  mcshep  canon  pre-atlantis  earthside  episode.related  dom!john  sub!rodney  hurt/comfort  kink  gorgeous/favorite  1000-9999 
january 2019 by popkin16
Quirks of Fate
In a world where no one knows what BDSM is, can John Sheppard finally learn to embrace his kink?

Narrator: yes, in fact, he can.

John: but how can I accept this part of me?

Narrator: figure it out already and give your boyfriend the spanking he deserves.

John: Rodney, put down the mic.
sga  mcshep  canon  au  romance  first!time  bdsm  dom!john  sub!rodney  hot  sweet  1000-9999  gorgeous/favorite 
july 2018 by popkin16
Everyone wears a collar of some color, but Rodney hates his, and he's about had enough of bowing to stupid social mores.
sga  mcshep  canon  au  bdsm  sub!rodney  dom!john  angst  romance  hot  10000-29999 
june 2018 by popkin16
weapons, trees, chocolate, and bondage
"Want me to tie you up?"

"God, I thought you'd never ask."
sga  mcshep  established!relationship  pwp  humor  romance  kink  bdsm  dom!john  sub!rodney  1000-9999 
june 2018 by popkin16
Rodney is in a bad mood. John is responsible.
sga  mcshep  canon  established!relationship  hot  pwp  dom!john  sub!rodney  1000-9999  gorgeous/favorite  respoftw 
may 2018 by popkin16
These Boots Are Made For Walking
Those black combat boots had started to feature in Rodney’s nightly wet dreams shortly after they had reached Atlantis.
sga  mcshep  canon  first!time  kink  dom!john  sub!rodney  bdsm  hot  pwp  1000-9999 
march 2018 by popkin16
He Doesn't Look a Thing Like You
Joe finds the differences between Rodney McKay and David Hewlett
sga  mcshep  established!relationship  rps  canon  claire  hot  dom!john  sub!rodney  0-999 
october 2017 by popkin16
John first stumbled upon the collar less than a week into their stay on Atlantis.
sga  mcshep  canon  first!time  kink  bdsm  dom!john  sub!rodney  hot  angst  1000-9999  respoftw  gorgeous/favorite 
july 2017 by popkin16
Simon Says
John tries to get Rodney to get some rest...sexily...with mixed results.
sga  mcshep  kink  dom!john  sub!rodney  hot  pwp  humor  romance  established!relationship  ladycat777  1000-9999 
january 2017 by popkin16
Like This
"No, no, no. I didn't say that. I really enjoy the sex that we have. When have I ever complained about our sex life?"
sga  mcshep  pwp  established!relationship  canon  hot  0-999  velocitygrass  dom!john 
november 2016 by popkin16
Request: Master! John Master!Dean Pet!Sam
Forgot to put request before Prompt:
John and Dean dont want Sam to go away to college so they force him to become their pet. Literally no decision is his, he's put in a cage to sleep at night, wears a collar and is leashed when out.(This is a world where human pets are normal, just not something the Winchesters ever did)
Bonus points if he is resistant at first but comes around to idea after realizing how much attention and love he gets now.
:spn  fps  pairing:none  dom!John  dom!Dean  pet!Sam  dehumanization 
november 2016 by Mayalaen
Good Boy (Fan Art)
I had artist block. Apparently smut helps break that up!
sga  mcshep  established!relationship  fanart  sub!rodney  dom!john  hot  gorgeous/favorite 
september 2016 by popkin16
Request: John/Dean/Castiel, extreme underage, born with D/s dynamics, dd/lb, training
AU where people are born either Doms, switches, or subs, and usually fall under a subcategory like daddy/mommy Doms, Masters/Mistresses, owners; D/s switches or vanilla; littles, slaves, pets, etc. Some people can be placed as early as infancy, but most not until puberty, but it's not unusual for people to know their broad placement before their subcategory.

John is a Daddy Dom and his actual son, Dean, has turned out to be a little boy sub. Dean is 14 but as a little boy is younger, and he stays a little boy the majority of the time. John happily trains Dean and takes care of him, and they both want for John to officially "adopt" Dean as his little when Dean comes of age.

John is a fairly well known and respected Dom in the community, which is how he comes to foster Cas, a very young (6-10) sub boy who has been orphaned or abandoned by his parents when it became clear he's a sub. John treats him gently and with love, first establishing trust between them before easing him into sexual/sub training. It doesn't take long for John to notice the bond forming between Dean and Cas and starts teaching them to play with each other. Would love for him to teach them to eat each other out and for Dean to fuck Cas, maybe while John fucks him at the same time.

Overall, I just want Daddy Dom John to be a loving Daddy to his little boys and teach them how to have sex and be good little subs. Up to anon if Cas eventually shows as a little or some other subcategory and what that will mean for his relationship with John and Dean. Sam can be any dynamic, but I'd love for a pet Sam. He can be involved at any level, but if he's a sub he there should at least be some mention that John helps train him as well, if not as specifically. Can also choose to have Mary alive or not. Any kinks are welcome!
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel/john  underage  D/s  discipline  training  daddy!John  dom!John  little!Dean  little!Castiel  infantilism 
september 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: John/Dean, John/Sam, D/s verse, bad bdsm
John makes the mistake of assuming all subs are alike, and treats Sam as he would Dean. It wasn't too bad when they were younger, but that changed once Sam was old enough for John to start Doming him sexually.
After months of rebellion and the realisation that Sam has never experienced sub space, John finally asks Sam what he needs.

15/16ish when sex happens.
Bonus if Sam hates spanking/humiliation.

Culturally allowed incest, Dom/sub verse, un-negogiated scenes, bad Dom, kink negotiation, after care, sub space
underage  :spn  fps  pairing:dean/john  pairing:sam/john  D/s  bdsm  au  spanking  humiliation  kink:sub!sam  kink:sub!dean  aftercare  dom!John 
august 2016 by Mayalaen
John and Rodney play a game of prime, not prime.
sga  mcshep  canon  established!relationship  hot  pwp  kink  dom!john  sub!rodney  gorgeous/favorite  0-999 
july 2016 by popkin16
That Tired Old Metaphor, Alchemy - anactoria - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
I want this, all of it. I want to dissect you and know all of you; I want to caress the dark and ugly parts just like the red muscle of your heart; I’ll hold them in my hands and wonder at them, because they are so much rarer than mundane goodness. So much more interesting, and that’s why you can’t let anyone else have them, only me.
TV:SherlockBBC  fanfic  slash  Sherlock/John  Johnlock  BDSM  dom!John  sub!Sherlock  D/s  PWP  character_study  author:anactoria 
june 2016 by SailAweigh

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