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Late Fees
Sammy needs a book from the library for a class, but Dean's been racking up late fees for a while now and doesn't want to pay the fines. Thankfully, local librarian Crowley has been ... accommodating (aka a quick trip to the back room), so Dean's not too worried. Except ... Crowley's prices have increased.
spn  au_(not_hunters)  pairing:Dean/Crowley  character:Dean  character:Crowley  genre:PWP  dom!Crowley  kink:d/s  kink:bondage  kink:toys(gag)  kink:blowjob  1.000-5.000 
september 2018 by somersault1509

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1.000-5.000  au:canon/timeline-change  au_(not_hunters)  bottom!sam  character:crowley  character:dean  cockslut!sam  cursed!sam  dom!rowena  fandom:supernatural  fucktoy!sam  genre:pwp  kink:bdsm  kink:blowjob  kink:body-modification  kink:bondage  kink:brainwashing/mindfuckery  kink:cock-warming  kink:d/s  kink:dehumanization  kink:dirty-talk  kink:face-fucking  kink:feminization  kink:hair-pulling  kink:humiliation  kink:mindbreak  kink:oral-fixation  kink:orgasm-denial/delay  kink:pegging  kink:rough-sex  kink:sex-toys  kink:toys(gag)  kink:training/conditioning  length:1k-5k  pairing:crowley/rowena/sam  pairing:crowley/sam  pairing:dean/crowley  pairing:rowena/sam  sizequeen!sam  spn  sub!sam  trope:sex-magic  tw:dub/non-con 

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