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Can we please admire the majesty of this animal
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yesterday by sprague
Dewclaw - Wikipedia
I learned today that mountain goats have dewclaws.
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4 days ago by brennen
ActiBrush Dog Toothbrush Stick – 5th Avenue Mall
Something to consider if we get another dog - a treat toothbrush style chew toy
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4 days ago by Marcellus
Ain't No Friend Of Mine - by tkp (lettered)
Then they were going to watch a house for hours and hours while sitting in a car, with nothing to do but suspiciously sniff the binoculars. Potter cheerily explained, "It's called a stake out."

Draco's suspicion knew no bounds. He had to know who Draco was. He had never liked Draco, and there was that time in the bathroom with the Sectumsempra.

Potter was going to murder him with boredom.

Then they were outside in the night air and Potter was driving like he flew, a maniac. Draco wasn't sure what to think of that, until the window on his side magically opened. It was Muggle magic, Draco supposed, seeing Potter's hand moving out the corner of his eye. Muggles used buttons instead of wands, which bespoke some kind of disgusting mechanism to make things work instead of the beauty of mysticism, but Draco hardly had time to consider that.

He had to put his head out the window.

He had to.

Obviously, this was what life was all about.

He also had to open his mouth so his tongue could fly in the direction the wind was whipping his fur and ears. It was glorious.
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8 days ago by runpunkrun
Japan pampers its pets like nowhere else - A dog’s life
It is common for a parent taking a baby for a stroll to exchange a look of solidarity with another pram-pusher, only to glance down and realise the other’s contains a furry friend. Greying Japan is alert to animal ageing, too: there are acupuncture services for elderly pets, and several firms offer funerals. [...]

Masahiro Yamada, a sociologist, puts the popularity of pets down to changes in the Japanese family. People have fewer relatives or don’t get the affection they crave from them. “People have a need,” he says. Some dead doggies are even given a place in the butsudan, the Buddhist shrine that families keep at home to pay respects to deceased relatives.
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12 days ago by terry

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