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How Document Scanning Services Work
Paperwork and filing is one area that has many opportunities for improvement for business owners or manager. Consider document scanning services and how they can help you achieve your business goals.
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yesterday by Adventure_Web
Google Docs gets an API for task automation | TechCrunch
<p>Google today announced the general availability of a <a href="">new API for Google Docs</a> that will allow developers to automate many of the tasks that users typically do manually in the company’s online office suite. The API has been in developer preview since last April’s Google Cloud Next 2018 and is now available to all developers.

As Google notes, the REST API was designed to help developers build workflow automation services for their users, build content management services and create documents in bulk.

Using the API, developers can also set up processes that manipulate documents after the fact to update them, and the API also features the ability to insert, delete, move, merge and format text, insert inline images and work with lists, among other things.

The canonical use case here is invoicing, where you need to regularly create similar documents with ever-changing order numbers and line items based on information from third-party systems (or maybe even just a Google Sheet). Google also notes that the API’s import/export abilities allow you to use Docs for internal content management systems.</p>

That has been a long time coming. It's quite Javascript-y, and needs a special download and so has to be run from a specific machine (including servers).
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4 days ago by charlesarthur
Get A Fresh Start To 2019 With Document Scanning
If you were hoping to decrease clutter, improve productivity, cut costs, or improve your environmental impact in 2019, it’s time to consider document scanning. Learn how document scanning can help your business get a fresh start to the new year.
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7 days ago by Adventure_Web
Cryptee | Private, Secure, Encrypted Documents & Photos
Your data is safe and private in our encrypted, zero-knowledge cloud.

We provide anonymity, security and ultimate deniability.
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7 days ago by jamescarlos
RVL-CDIP Dataset
dataset of 400K grayscale images of various types of documents (memos, letters, emails, news articles, resumes, etc)
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29 days ago by mootPoint
4 Problems That Can Be Solved With Effective Document Management
Paperwork and document management can get out of hand when it comes to managing your small business. Learn about four common problems businesses face that can be solved with effective document management.
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4 weeks ago by Adventure_Web

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