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Tenhou Documentation
"Here's documentation on the popular online mahjong client 'Tenhou' (天鳳). What with the entire website and client being in Japanese, English documentation would be pretty useful to novices. Though this doesn't teach mahjong in itself, it should explain Tenhou inside out for the end user."
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4 days ago by Mykl
The Repair Association
"The Repair Association, previously the Digital Right to Repair Coalition, was formed in 2013. The Association represents everyone involved in repair of technology—from DIY hobbyists and independent repair technicians, to environmental organizations and the aftermarket.
But more and more common goods now come with restrictions on your ability to do all that — or even hire someone you trust to do it for you. Some products even come with contracts and mandatory licenses that interfere with your right to resell your product.

A free, independent market for repair and reuse is more efficient, more competitive, and better for consumers. Repair helps create local jobs, and repair and reuse benefits the environment by reducing end-of-life electronic products. The freedom to maintain, innovate, and improve upon our products is imperative.
As consumers, we have the right to the following from the companies that we support:

Information: The documentation, software, and legal ability we need to repair our own products -- or choose someone we trust to do it for us.

Parts + Tools: Fair access to service parts and tools, including diagnostics.

Unlocking for Repair and Reuse: We should be able to unlock and modify the software and firmware that is required to operate our products.

Unencumbered Resale: We should be able resell our products (including the software needed to operate them).

Repairable Products: Designers should integrate design for repair and recycling principles into product development."

Agrachina  Technology  Sustainability  community  Documentation  repair  Recycling  tools  decentralization 
4 days ago by eocas
ekalinin/github-markdown-toc: Easy TOC creation for GitHub
gh-md-toc — is for you if you want to generate TOC for or GitHub's wiki page and don't want to install any additional software.
documentation  github  markdown 
5 days ago by jefframnani

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