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Etsy’s experiment with immutable documentation - Code as Craft
Etsy has recognized that technical documentation is a mixture of two distinct types: a narrative that explains why a system exists (“why-docs”), and operational details that describe how to use the system (“how-docs”). In trying to overcome the problem of staleness, the crucial observation is that how-docs typically change faster than why-docs do. Therefore the more how-docs are mixed in with why-docs in a doc page, the more likely the page is to go stale.

We’ve leveraged this observation by creating an entirely separate system to hold our how-docs. The FYI system simply allows us to save Slack messages to a persistent data store. When someone posts a useful bit of documentation in a Slack channel, we tag it with the :fyi: reacji to save it as a how-doc. We then search our how-docs directly from Slack using a bot command called ?how.

FYIs are immutable: to update them, we simply add another FYI that is more timely and correct. Since FYIs don’t need to contain narrative, they’re easy to add, and easy to update. The ?how command always returns more recent FYIs first, so fresher matches always have higher priority. In this way, the FYI system combats documentation staleness by trading completeness for freshness.

We believe the separation of operational details from contextual narrative is a useful idea that can be used for documenting all kinds of systems. We’d love to hear how you feel about it! And we’re excited to hear about what tooling you’ve built to make documentation better in your organization. Please get in touch and share what you’ve learned. Documentation is hard! Let’s make it better!
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Freebie: “Scribbler” Website Template (HTML, Sketch)
A responsive HTML template for coding projects with a clean, user friendly design. Crafted with the latest web technologies, the template is suitable for landing pages and documentations.

A responsive HTML template for coding projects with a clean, user friendly design. Crafted with the latest web technologies, the template is suitable for landing pages and documentations.

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