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Alternatives to dokku? : docker
don't really want a proprietary "open source" system
docker  computing  dokku 
11 hours ago by therobyouknow
How to install Docker and deploy a LAMP Stack
interesting reference for comparison with separate containers for apache mysql php.
linux  docker  lamp  computing  web  dev 
11 hours ago by therobyouknow
dockerfile - How to use docker container as apache server? - Stack Overflow
bear in mind the port forwarding. but a separate apache, mysql and php containers are the strategy i want
apache  docker  web  dev  webserver  computing  linux  container 
11 hours ago by therobyouknow
A Docker image for multi-version PHP development
not really interested in a custom docker image, only official base images
multiple  php  version  computing  web  dev  docker  container  howto 
11 hours ago by therobyouknow

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