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Configuring your Linux host to resolve a local Kubernetes cluster’s service URLs
I do all my development in a Linux VM. I also run my test Kubernetes cluster there. Sometimes I need to resolve the DNS names of Kubernetes services. For example, I might need to curl…
kubernetes  ilinux  vm  dns  dnsmasq  curl  article  important  june 
june 2018 by vonc
Using Dnsmasq for local development on macOS
This is a quick guide to installing Dnsmasq on macOS and using it to redirect development sites to your local machine.
macos  dns  dnsmasq  proxy 
may 2018 by Dreamseer
Kubernetes Cluster Bootstrap – VirtusLab – Medium
the steps of the Kubernetes cluster provisioning in general
coreos  kubernetes  dnsmasq  matchbox  bootstrap 
may 2018 by moellus

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