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Is DNS the Achilles heel in your MySQL installation?
Why host-specific lookups are bad for performance and how to avoid them:

skip_name_resolve = OFF
dns  mysql  performance  networking 
27 minutes ago by archangel
macOS Sierra: Use a dynamic global hostname
"If your service provider supports secure dynamic DNS update (RFC 3007), you can give your Mac a global DNS hostname so other computers outside your local network can refer to it by name."
sysadmin  osx  dns 
3 days ago by ddribin
Why can't a CNAME record be used at the apex (aka root) of a domain? - Server Fault
Actually useful StackOverflow (ServerFault) thread about DNS apex domains and CNAME records
dns  reference  networking  webdev  sysadmin  http 
3 days ago by bitprophet

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