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DMARC record Checker | DMARC record Tester - DMARC Analyzer
Need to check your DMARC record? ➨ Now avaiable: Free DMARC record Checker - Validate your DMARC record with the DMARC record Checker ✓ All about: How to check your DMARC record - DMARC record lookup - DMARC record tester - DMARC record validator - DMARC Analyzer Trusted. Email. Delivered.
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Frank's Microsoft Exchange FAQ
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[SOLVED] DKIM, DMARC, and third-party senders - Office 365 - Spiceworks
Ask the vendor NOT to forge your email address in SMTP envelope (MAIL FROM). It is okay to do it in the email header (From header).

DMARC - This will pass as long as either SPF or DKIM passes.

SPF - This is done against envelope MAIL FROM, not email header. Therefore, if the vendor uses their own domain in MAIL FROM, this will pass

DKIM - They should not be signing the email with DKIM. That is because the From header in email will be yours.

Since SPF will pass, so will DMARC and your recipients will not block the message. Check this page ( for differences between Envelope From and Header From.
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Envelope vs Header FROM - Difference between envelope and header from
The sender's email address is specified twice when email messages are delivered from a sender to recipient. This article explains the difference between these two addresses in non-technical terms.

As described in another article that talks about SMTP Relay, the design of our modern email system is based upon snail mail. Therefore, in order to understand how email works, we are going to analyze how snail mail works.

There are two parts of any package you receive from your regular postal mail: An envelope and a letter inside that envelope.

Similarities with Email
Since email systems are designed based on snail mail, it also contains an Envelope and Letter. There are a few differences, which are mentioned below. This communication is based on RFC 5321 (

When users receive the email, they do not see the envelope. Email clients only display the "Letter". This message must conform to rules specified in RFC 5322 (
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Prevent spoofing with DKIM –
# Domain to use for DKIM signing: can be “header” (MIME From), “envelope” (SMTP From) or “auth” (SMTP username)
use_domain = “header”;
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Sender Score | Return Path
Return Path's Sender Score provides you with your sender reputation rank and blocklist lookup services. Get your email reputation rank today.
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