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Creating a production ready API with Python and Django Rest Framework - part 1
The aim if this tutorial is to show how to create a production ready solution for a REST API, using Python and Django Rest Framework.
api  django  tutorial 
yesterday by exon
Tracking User Login Activity in Django Rest Framework: JWT Authentication
The first choice when it comes to creating REST API’s for your web app in Python/Django is Django Rest Framework(DRF), a powerful toolkit that integrates well with Django. DRF comes with various…
django  rest-framework  jwt 
3 days ago by sidmitra
S3SQLite - A Serverless Relational Database
"As a spiritual descendant of our NoDB project, I've written a new server-less database engine for Django: s3sqlite.

"It's a thin wrapper around the normal Django SQLite database engine, but it automatically syncs the DB file with S3.

"Obviously, this will cause problems for high-write applications, but for high-read applications without concurrent writes, it scales very well, it's trivial to set up, and it's orders of magnitudes cheaper that AWS RDS."
aws  django 
3 days ago by davewsmith
"The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines"
Django  Python  framework  opensource  web 
3 days ago by l0b0

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